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  1. A good idea would be French and Swedish planes, to add more european presence in Lock On.
  2. Nice job! I hope you have the Mig-31 and Tu-160 in your sight lol :D They sure need a good paint job!
  3. LOL I just found that book in my personal librairy after a brief search! D@mn, my book shelf is bigger than I tought...it must belong to my father hehehe.
  4. Hi I'm looking for some detailed scenarios/strategy for big air battles for the 1980+ time period? I've tried google and others but I can't find any. Thx!
  5. Yeah, and like he said, what ever happened to camouflage nettings? Those shilkas in corn fields area plain sight! lol...
  6. Yeah everyone's at Hyperlobby, that's where the action is! 8)
  7. Hehe ok thx ****Edit**** WAIT! I just remembered that yesterday I made an F-16C refuel. Maybe we can do it for B1 ;)
  8. Hi there, I'm having trouble making the B1-B refuel with the KC10 tanker plane. Are there any particular settings I have to enable for it to work? Thx in advance.
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