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  1. What do you mean, realism, its realistic 4 harm or 2 harm both is realistic, what are you trying to say? Cause some Vipers had 4 and some had 2 harm, its very well explained.
  2. Exactly, For example, I'm curious why is it that we can load TER-9A on stations 3-4-6-7 but on stations 4 and 6 there can be only 1 GBU-12 and on 3 and 7 we can load 2 x GBU-12, at the same time we can load 3 CBU-97 with TER-9A on stations 4 and 6. Doesn't make sense that only one GBU-12 can be loaded on 4 and 6 then, right;D? If Mav can be loaded on 4 and 6 I want them to enable it, it gives a lot of loadout combinations, but if it can't then we shouldn't have them on those stations.
  3. what am I looking at, other than HARM missle?
  4. What debris does harm have on the back of its engine?
  5. On the MP server, aircraft select list? If its that yea, most welcome option, bring it!
  6. Furiz

    Pickle won't fox

    Does it happen after rearming with new set of missiles or after your first rearm?
  7. I call that good research and proper simulation. they didn't add some imaginary stations or some star trek weapons.
  8. Thanks! Great news. I see HTS there, we get it next patch?;D
  9. A track would be usefull, sometimes it happened to people that the plane was rocking cause they forgot to turn off auto pilot
  10. I' love to help but no idea honestly. I'd suggest that if you can buy some cheap stick, or borrow one for a week or 2 and see if you like it.
  11. I had this issue as well, altho it wasn't this close up on the HUD, I cleared my zoom axis completely, pressed ok scroll zoomed in and out a few times and then bind that zoom axis on the same rocker switch I had it on before and now its better. Maybe this helps.
  12. Yes, only in RWS, not sure if that is correct or not tho.
  13. Well if you take into consideration that we are in a game, where in MP dynamic missions for example SAM sites just spawn out of the blue sky, we really need some way to add them into our Situational Awareness pages during flight. SAM sites wont just spawn in real life like they do in our Simulation, they do change position, those that can, so I don't think the designers of the real aircraft overlooked something like this.
  14. Title says it all, I wish you could add the AAR probe and Fly by wire system, TY!
  15. I wonder if they will make it FC3 or full fid, whichever they choose to make.
  16. You can move the cursor top or bottom to change the scan range.
  17. Well ED is not making the Phantom. So probably by some one else.
  18. Probably just mission editor edit after you click take off in liberation.
  19. It is reverting back to whats selected now, it was fixed recently. This is probably cause you bugged them in TWS mode while at 60 degrees, then when you start tracking it goes to 30 degree scan. This is greek F-16 but I doubt its any different in HUD symbology from USAF F-16, not sure tho;P
  20. Can you explain how? new version? [Mod Support] Stopped support for 2.5.5 Rafale Mode, and removed factions that were using it thats what I found in lib changelogs
  21. Hey guys, is it possible to use Rafale in liberation?
  22. This might help people decide what to upgrade next on their PC, noticed that many are just thinking of upgrading CPU and GPU without regards to any other component, but everything needs to be in good shape to keep up with the rest. Hope you find this helpful
  23. This exactly, I don't think you will gain a lot with 3080ti, but you will lose a lot of money for that one. When you upgrade you should look at which part is the one that is the bottleneck, since you already have pretty decent GPU and CPU, I'd look at the other parts. So if you have low speed RAM, or low speed HDD, low end Motherboard? consider upgrading those then, your gain will be much higher.
  24. Correct, and under AREA there would be laser code flashing as well, for example L1688.
  25. I can see you from you screenshot #2 that you don't have Laser armed, the switch is above Master Arm switch. When the laser is armed, there is a letter L on the right top side from the AREA track indicator. Your weapon code, in your Kneeboard must match your laser code. If you need advice let us know;P
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