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  1. Those that don't have interest in flying are not gonna be buying anything related to DCS, people that come here are usually interested in flying. I know from my own experience, that I wouldn't be buying anything or even googleing about flight sims if I didn't want to fly. And there is no trial 2 weeks period or a back seat of a plane that can tell me if I want to fly or not. I know that before even coming to DCS. And I know for a fact that people will not buy stuff for 30 or 40 bucks just to sit in the back seat and find targets for the pilot to shoot at.
  2. So basically only that 3rd maverick looks like it can damage something.
  3. It goes for the first one it picks up in a 20 mile radius as far as I know, haven't watched your tracks, are they apart more than that?
  4. You don't launch anything from the back seat, anything at all, you can only launch your back seat
  5. Not sure if they can sell something like that, legally I mean. But anyway, personally I like to fly the plane, that is why I'm here, I believe that there are people that like to sit in the back but those are really in small numbers to make such an option profitable for the devs. In the end you have the 15 day free trial for any plane, so anyone can try and see what they like.
  6. I don't think it would pay off to developers to create such an option, cause they would have to develop an AI pilot for the backseater, since they can't sell them something they cant use on their own. I mean what if they can't find the pilot for their plane? yes your friend has you, but they would make that available for everyone, so that other guy that buys that option might not have someone like you, so they would want an AI which needs to be developed = spent money on. So when you add all that up, they would be selling full fidelity module + new AI pilot for half price, doesn't sound profitable.
  7. Some are taking this too personally. I'm glad ED does its research thoroughly, and it really sets a good standard for future projects.
  8. That would be great, Hoggit has something like that on their MP servers.
  9. Can we stop over complicating?
  10. What do you mean, realism, its realistic 4 harm or 2 harm both is realistic, what are you trying to say? Cause some Vipers had 4 and some had 2 harm, its very well explained.
  11. Exactly, For example, I'm curious why is it that we can load TER-9A on stations 3-4-6-7 but on stations 4 and 6 there can be only 1 GBU-12 and on 3 and 7 we can load 2 x GBU-12, at the same time we can load 3 CBU-97 with TER-9A on stations 4 and 6. Doesn't make sense that only one GBU-12 can be loaded on 4 and 6 then, right;D? If Mav can be loaded on 4 and 6 I want them to enable it, it gives a lot of loadout combinations, but if it can't then we shouldn't have them on those stations.
  12. what am I looking at, other than HARM missle?
  13. What debris does harm have on the back of its engine?
  14. On the MP server, aircraft select list? If its that yea, most welcome option, bring it!
  15. Furiz

    Pickle won't fox

    Does it happen after rearming with new set of missiles or after your first rearm?
  16. I call that good research and proper simulation. they didn't add some imaginary stations or some star trek weapons.
  17. Thanks! Great news. I see HTS there, we get it next patch?;D
  18. A track would be usefull, sometimes it happened to people that the plane was rocking cause they forgot to turn off auto pilot
  19. I' love to help but no idea honestly. I'd suggest that if you can buy some cheap stick, or borrow one for a week or 2 and see if you like it.
  20. I had this issue as well, altho it wasn't this close up on the HUD, I cleared my zoom axis completely, pressed ok scroll zoomed in and out a few times and then bind that zoom axis on the same rocker switch I had it on before and now its better. Maybe this helps.
  21. Yes, only in RWS, not sure if that is correct or not tho.
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