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  1. What can I say, you are talking about a different plane and a tpod that is probably updated and not the same as the one we have here, we use spanish version, while ATFLIR on our hornet, when we get it, doesn't even have to be the same version used on a superhornet.
  2. But we are not in a superhornet.
  3. You are playing the wrong game, it doesn't work like this here. Looks like you need a pay to win game, try FIFA :D
  4. It does tell you the range to the target, watch the video and you'll find the range to the target
  5. Radar is completely bugged, still bugging out when switching modes, I couldn't change scan bars or scan azimuth when I was switching between gun, aim7, aim9 and aim120. I had the scan zones stuck.
  6. Well the F16 is in EA meaning they don't have funds to complete it and then release it, instead they need a funding solution, which is EA, it is a not finished product. The biggest thing about it is that YOU KNOW it is not finished and it is up to you to buy (fund) it or not. Wonder what would he say for a 50$ runway:P
  7. Didn't know you could do that before startup, I was always trying to change after;P Thnx
  8. I was dropping some GBU12 targeting some group of vehicles wit my TPOD while JTAC was lasing them at the same time, so GBU12 would hit the target just not the one I was lasing it would always go for the one JTAC is lasing. and if JTAC was lasing some far away target, it would try to go for it then it would miss, clearly the 2 lasers would conflict, it would first follow my tpod lase then the JTAC. Since we can't change the gbu12 code for now, is it possible for ED to program the bomb so it goes for the TPOD lase first?
  9. Well the main problem of this discussion is that we have 2 versions of the game, dividing the community, so best idea, in my opinion, is to cancel one of those versions. Beta should look something like this; When a stable update is ready to be released, it should be first used as beta test version 7 days prior to release. So Beta should be up only 7 days prior to stable update and that's it. But since beta is up all the time it is not really a beta, the version is pretty much live. Since most people and MP servers run Beta, just close stable and call it a day ;P
  10. Only happens when some smoke is near by, be it JTAC or from the burning wreckage.
  11. I think he means the text on the UFC, it turns off after some time.
  12. Position light off, only the strobe was on, I tried turning the strobe off and switching ext light off, the red light on the left wing is always on. It only goes off when you zoom in
  13. I think bugs would be detected either, these bugs in OB atm are something that is hard to miss, the problem with it now is that so many play it then you get many that cant understand what OB is there for and start spamming forum with hate and blame rather then with constructive bug reports. I'm not an aviation expert, that is the reason I come to these forums to learn something or to ask a question for something I cant figure out myself. But then I see these hate and blame posts about a version that is in Beta Test state... I didn't find much bug reports from stable version, only those reports that are there cause module is not completed so they appear as bugs. But then again I'm no expert so I don't really know. In my opinion the best solution is for everyone to move to stable, then you you complain about those bugs in stable all you like. Stable shouldn't have bugs.
  14. You can ask anything you want but remember as can you, so can I:P
  15. Your pool is very one sided. Don't really see the purpose of asking the same question in 3 different ways. And who are you in ED tehat you are even asking something like this, I think they have people employed for financial stuff.
  16. Only game that managed to efficiently pull off the subscription based model is World of Warcraft with millions of players, since this is not played by millions it just wouldn't work, there were many other game developers that failed with the sub based model, What WoW managed to do and others couldn't copy is they made the game addictive and yet very interesting, later on they started losing player base due to the fact that the game became more of a grind fest rather than an interesting adventure but they still managed to keep the large amount of subscriptions, Since this is nowhere near the game type of WoW, I don't think it would be very successful with subscription model.
  17. Agree, and MP servers could move to Stable as well.
  18. Yes it has been discussed already, we have the spanish TPOD version, we will be getting ATFLIR later on. As for F-16 the AN/AAQ-28 LITENING AT Targeting Pod is in the manual as well as in the Planned F-16C Systems and Payloads thread on the F-16 forum. So I guess we just have to wait and see.
  19. Errr... you market them in Stable when they are released to stable and become usable, What good is it to market something and then that person that watched that youtube guide comes to try it and realizes its not really working as it should, that only gives bad effect to the product. Bottom line is if you want MP servers to switch to stable stop playing beta, when they realize stable servers are full and OB servers are empty they will switch.
  20. You paid for the Release version. You paid for a module in EA and you knew what you are paying for, a not finished module. They don't force you to play Beta, saying you are not being paid for testing is really absurd, you can play Stable anytime you want, stable doesn't have that much bugs just modules in EA = not finished, off course things will appear broken, they are not finished.
  21. If you guys, the players, switch to Stable, the MP servers will switch too, cause they don't like to be empty. Difference is not so huge anymore, you have new toys on Beta fine but they are so bugged that you cant use them properly so its same as not having them.
  22. Reporting bugs = https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=250800
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