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  1. When dropped CBU-105 behaves strange, like it is going upwards, even tho the aircraft is in level flight, alt hold autopilot and no stick input. The bombs sometimes hit the plane and disappear, sometimes they go through wings. I dropped pairs but it happens on single drop as well, and not always. F-16 CBU-105 strange behaviour .trk
  2. When you fill internal fuel to full, the refueling stops, cause it is modeled like that in game. In DCS drop tank fuel comes from internal tanks. I know it can be filled externally but they didn't model that I guess. So before landing light that burner:P
  3. aaah ok thanks, I figured it had something to do with ILS.
  4. You can open AAR doors to depressurize the external tanks thus allowing fuel to enter, works every time:P Keep in mind that to fil lthe centerline tank to full you have to be below 3800 fuel, and for 2 wing tanks below 1500. Otherwise they wont be filled fully.
  5. You need to start with who told you it is not a thing, what are yours, his or hers qualifications on the matter etc... then after that, when you introduced the source and made it credible you can say this or that is not a thing. Otherwise who on earth will believe that what you are saying is true?
  6. Guess it was a glitch, cant get it back now lol
  7. Noticed a small circle on the horizon line, haven't notice it before, what is it? Left of the flight path marker, just on the tip of the left horizon line.
  8. I guess they haven't gone through, with their decision, I tried just now, it wont recognize 4 harm loaded.
  9. Wags says in the video when the target comes closer than 3 miles, it automatically locks it in STT mode. Then when you are trying to TMS DOWN it is actually in STT, and you have to TMS DOWN twice. Haven't been able to try, not at the computer atm.
  10. So what does that have to do with his statement that GB is close to Russia?
  11. You can stop, cause the update is tomorrow
  12. Furiz

    F16C Hardpoints

    Replicated, ST STA switch off and I can drop a bomb. Store Switch off drops bomb .trk
  13. There is no mention of 2 seat simulator in any of those articles. Not gonna argue with you anymore, you just go on and on indefinitely.
  14. Those are jetliners........................ ofc they will have 2 seats, you can put the 3rd guy with those screens in a real jet liner edti: even 1 seat on a strike eagle simulator
  15. I just slapped a hint of reality on you, and sometimes reality is not pleasant, I didn't say anything wrong. If I don't think so, next thing you'll ask why is that... its polite to explain why you don't think so. At least in my world. Second, "keep my comment to myself" what is that? Anyone can comment, if you didn't want comments I suggest posting your wishes on some social media with comments turned off. In there end you said you wanted to get as close as you can to reality, so there you go Can show us?
  16. Cant you like stay at the hospital for 2 months in real life after you crash at landing a plane in game? for the reality sake? you can always do that, but you wont cause its not practical, you should tho, cause that would be the happiest scenario after a real life plane crash. Sharpe is right here, some things are just not required in a simulator. How many real world fighter jet aircraft simulators, that air forces around the world use, have 2 seat modules? That's right, none (at least I haven't seen any with 2 seats), why? its not needed.
  17. Maybe this was posted but Ill post it anyway
  18. We don't have an ETA on the Jamming pod, but it is work in progress. You can find the radar info in the Viper manual in folder: DCS World\Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Doc Then find the manual, Page 153 in the manual has info on that radar page.
  19. I thought it was reported as bug already, yes move to bugs.
  20. Page 75, HUD switc panel picture, it says ALT RADAR - BARO - OFF It should say ALT RADAR - BARO - AUTO Or there should be correction made in our module.
  21. ED said that in an interview not on the forums. The rule you are talking about is a forum rule. And so what that other game has that? does DCS has to have it?
  22. Lmao, Proximity to Russia... Sry, had to, sry
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