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  1. They moved this into Mods forum so many probably missed it. Doesnt hurt to try:
  2. I have to agree with above 2 posts
  3. Didn't notice a problem in MP servers for some time
  4. This kinda reminds me of those that asked for Boom operatior slot... sitting in a plane for 30 mins, solving cross puzzle? hmmm boring as hell But we all have different likings.
  5. 4 months later.... It was fixed some time ago. The issue was that the carrier crew had some kind of lineup on who goes first etc, so if you are 2nd in line you couldn't launch before nr1 in line, same goes with 4th 5th in line etc... but there was no way of knowing who is first etc. anyways it was fixed. tag should be changed
  6. Was just gonna say this, yea it's annoying;P
  7. They were just discussing that, scroll up.
  8. I have set up a mission in Caucasus with -6C temp, winter, snow and clouds, and took it up to 30k without probe heat in "probe heat" position, and I didn't get the probe frozen, flew around for 5 mins maybe more.
  9. Thnx, gonna gave to test it out I guess.
  10. Thnx, yea I understand what it does and why we need it, just didn't know if it turns on with no WOW regardless of switch position, so conclusion is with icing conditions on the runway the switch needs to be on 2 min prior to takeoff.
  11. Yes, no bullseye stays when I go back to Nav or AA mode, but when I switch weapons to LGB bullseye info reappears. If I then, with LGB selected, switch to Nav or AA bullseye is there on the HUD.
  12. Just to clarify ILS = Instrument Landing System ICLS = Instrument Carrier Landing System If you mean land based than its ILS.
  13. Hey, how important is the Probe Heat switch during flight in warm temperatures? Should that be on all the time or just in cold temperatures, or when there are iceing conditions?
  14. I think you are trying to give credit to your idea too hard, some ideas are good some are not. ED is not losing any money if you look at your pool. You are looking at this from a very wrong perspective, you didn't take into account how much ED would lose if they turn to subscription model, so you have 8% that would pay that sub but those 8% are still buying modules, they didn't give up on this simulator, so ED is not losing any money. On the other hand, you have 92% that would not pay that subscription so that means ED would lose 92% of its payer base. You cant make a business model without research, and I know you didn't do any research on this, cause if you did you wouldn't post here, you would know that's not how it is done, if you want to propose a business model you need to do your research, work out a model and go to the management and say hey guys I'm (insert name), I work at (company) and I have a business model that I think you should consider, if you are interested we can schedule a presentation. That's how this is done, so stop prolonging this bad idea pls and move on.
  15. No issues with it, post a short track replay so we can see what is going on.
  16. New patch planned for 22nd, probably gonna fix many of these issues.
  17. AlexCaboose is correct There you go:
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