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  1. Adriatic Sea & Space Defense Exhibition Split Croatia, Rafale model Not sure if that is final liverie, but this is how it was presented at the Exhibition.
  2. It has been reported: They merged threads.
  3. It has a barometric sensor that releases bomblets when below set altitude, so yea if you set the release altitude at 1500 and you release the bomb at 800 it will release those bomblets, with a delay of 2.87sec, as set in the CTLN page.
  4. There is Arming Delay (AD), but atm we can not change that one or some other options, some options can be set, it is under the CNLT page of the CBU-105 WCMD SMS Format page. No idea if option to set that is going to be added later on. You can set its canister to auto open at lower altitude but that is going to decrease the spread of the bomblets.
  5. Cant wait for that extra pylon! you guys working on the cockpit too?
  6. It was missed cause I think he knows that, that's why he said that hopefully Razbam will deliver, meaning he hopes they will make is as modern as they can.
  7. Yea lets miss the point of someones post yet again. To add, the tech inside the old shell gets constantly upgraded, and is quite new these days.
  8. Noticed that the chat is not stopping inputs anymore, good job!;D
  9. You really have to read the whole post, he asked in reference to the next update by Wags, then I said that there is no mention of AG integration with the JHMCS in that post: There is no mention of JHMCS and AG integration here, is there?
  10. This one would be the ATM for you guys, cause its the best!
  11. There is no mention of integrating AG mode to JHMCS, so I would assume that we will have to wait a little bit longer for that.
  12. Yea so you can have some reference to where TGP is looking on your HSD.
  13. The problem with that is that HSD doesnt show TGP cursor while you have HARM selected, the SPI doesnt seem to move with TGP, so there is no way to locate that SAM site using that method, don't know if that is a bug or not tho.
  14. They moved this into Mods forum so many probably missed it. Doesnt hurt to try:
  15. I have to agree with above 2 posts
  16. Didn't notice a problem in MP servers for some time
  17. This kinda reminds me of those that asked for Boom operatior slot... sitting in a plane for 30 mins, solving cross puzzle? hmmm boring as hell But we all have different likings.
  18. 4 months later.... It was fixed some time ago. The issue was that the carrier crew had some kind of lineup on who goes first etc, so if you are 2nd in line you couldn't launch before nr1 in line, same goes with 4th 5th in line etc... but there was no way of knowing who is first etc. anyways it was fixed. tag should be changed
  19. Was just gonna say this, yea it's annoying;P
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