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  1. 11 hours ago, draconus said:

    Price of the module is only a small fraction of the hardware needed to play DCS half decently as Wizard_03 already said


    9 minutes ago, Harlikwin said:

    You seem to be missing the point.

    They seem to think they people decide to play DCS then they buy a computer 😂

    And I don't think they know what it means to earn cash, and the value of money, and how some people in some countries earn way less for the same type of work then in some other country.

    In the end it really doesn't matter that the module is just a fraction of the hardware needed, that is not the point. The point is that 50 bucks for this animated crew is way too much, for the other stuff coming yea its ok price, but I only bought SC so I wouldn't be excluded from some servers, if it wasn't for that I wouldn't buy it, cause I am not interested in playing Air Boss or LSO or whatever else it has, so I was forced to buy it.


    It would be the best if they make the crew and comms available to all, and just charge for the rest of the module.

  2. 2 hours ago, Hive said:

    Didn't read the whole thread, but I would like to have a donate option, so that I could support ED without buying modules whenever I want and with the amount I want (of course in addition to paid modules). No subscription, no demands, no paywall, no bonuses needed. ED could use the money however they deem right and if other players profit from my donation indirectly - even better.

    This extra income would surely support the development of the core game in some way and reduce the dependency of new modules at least a little. 


    You can always gift a module, you would do double donation like that, one to ED and one to some lucky person 😉

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  3. 1 hour ago, Wizard_03 said:

    Oh my bad, your right it was actually free with the naval warfare pack. Looks like you'll be able to afford lunch after all. 


    First 50% off is not 10 dollars, Naval Warfare pack doesn't make it free, you still had to pay for something, you couldn't get it for free without the rest of the pack, so its not free.

    But considering you have to refrain to insults to prove your point I don't think you have an abundance of intelligence to figure that out by yourself.

    1 hour ago, Wizard_03 said:

    Looks like you'll be able to afford lunch after all.

     You don't know who are you talking to on the other side so insults like these tell much about you.

    But since you wanna know, yea I can afford my lunch thanks.

  4. 1 hour ago, Wizard_03 said:

    Amazing how someone can draw the line at spending money on the SC. I don't understand it. 


    2000 dollar rig 

    500 dollar control setup 

    600 dollar VR set

    40 dollars for really accurate comms and high poly model with a bunch of other features. That massively improves immersion....

    "hell no, they can't charge for that. That's a paywall I won't cross." 


    Lol it Boggles my mind. If you want to save money This ain't they hobby for you. 




    Yea its amazing too how some exaggerate when its convenient for them but you can get along with 1000€ rig and 200€ hotas and Delan Clip oh look its more than half cheaper now... 

    The 50$ for a runway with crew and comms is too much. It shouldn't even be charged for, but it is what it is now,

    extra features behind a paywall would be the best cause its not forcing anyone to buy it.


    as Reflected said, you want to play their Campaign with SC you have to buy SC... and you already have payed for carried based plane. And if you want to Edit in ME and place Stennis in there you have to do hours of work for one mission.

  5. 10 minutes ago, draconus said:

    No, you're not forced to buy anything. It's a simple customer choice. There are still missions, campaigns and servers for those without SC.

    Yea you can look at it both ways, you have a choice not to buy it, but you cant play those missions and campaigns that have it, so then if you want to play those missions and campaigns you are forced to buy SC, so you are paywalled behind it to some content.

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  6. 1 hour ago, wowbagger said:

    Isn't it like any DLC for any game? Get it if you think it adds value, otherwise don't. There are plenty of games with people using items/skins/levels they bought along with others who have not paid for the DLC. Friends don't want it, don't use it with them. With the carrier it's only about eye/ear candy, Stennis still works.

    No it is not like any other DLC,

    for example: you can use Stennis when you buy any carrier based aircraft right? That's fine cause you can land at any base on the map you bought, but if the server you r playing on doesn't have Stennis anymore all of the sudden you cant fly carrier ops cause you didn't pay, but you did pay for carrier based aircraft and the carrier is there on that map.

    other game DLCs don't work like that.


    the comms and crew part shouldn't be behind a paywall, it should be an improvement to the core game, and all those assests as well.

    1 hour ago, wowbagger said:

    The World War II Assets Pack is slightly different because it is essentially a barrier to entry for any of the WWII campaigns and provides things that are in the basic game for modern time frames;

    Fear the Bones campaign requires you to buy SC, Rise of the Persian Lion = SC, Operation Pontus = SC, dont wanna scroll more but you see my point, we are forced to buy it, if we don't we are paywalled for lots of stuff.


    1 hour ago, wowbagger said:

    And the developers need to make a living or none of this happens.

    I agree, they need to get their money too, but not like this, this should be something that is in the core game as an improvement, just like graphic and performance improvements.

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  7. 55 minutes ago, Northstar98 said:

    I thought they did something with the SC so it didn't do that?

    Like in multiplayer if you were a non-owner you'd be able to see it and land on it, but not takeoff from it. I thought you could even make missions with it.

    No idea since many had to buy it as well as I did, cause you can't use it but you can see it and land on it... It's like buying a map but you cant use some of the runways cause you need to pay more, I know they had some hard work put into it, but as Harlikwin said paywall should have come later with LSO, Airboss etc... so people can operate from SC but if they want extra features they would have to pay.

    Now we are in the situation where they can hardly go back on this, since people payed already. As I said, bad idea to charge for SC like that. I just hope we wont get charged per airfield ground crew next.


  8. 2 minutes ago, Harlikwin said:


    IDK, I pretty much think the "comms" and Deck crew functionality should just be moved to "core" features. The stennis at this point is looong in the tooth. And those features are mostly  immersive. 

    Things that could be paywalled are the rest of the SC IMO, LSO station, whatever the new functionality is. 

    But IMO at this point in 2021 having to taxi by yourself and hit U to hook up and launch is pretty cheezy.


    and when I was talking about that back then when SC was being released, how it is not such a good idea to charge for SC, something that should be a part of the core game cause that's what it actually is, most people were so eagerly defending ED's idea to charge for a moving runway with crew. Charging for LSO station or Air Boss seems ok, something like CA module, but for the deck with crew it doesn't seem ok.

    Now we have this situation with Forrestal where you get a new carrier that most likely wont be used cause everyone is using SC, SC is just more immersive, by a lot more.

    So what now, make Forrestal SC version and charge for it? Then you get another moving runway with deck crew, that is behind a paywall forcing people to buy it, cause it is dividing the community that bought it from the ones that didn't buy it, same is happening with SC and Stennis,

    and in the end it is a Runway that everyone should have access to, cause runways are part of the core game.

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  9. 9 hours ago, prelektr said:



    Question to DCS OpenBeta F16 module. I can't get AI wingman to listen to my commands at all. I know I'm using correct frequency on COM2 since he gives me mud spike calls and contact calls etc. 


    1. I have easy communications turned OFF.

    2. I'm tuned into correct frequency (assumption since I can hear his calls)

    3. I know I'm using VHF radio since when I use rctrl+\ and then choose a command, the VHF frequency get's highlighted on DED.


    Is it just broken in Open Beta (or maybe at all).?


    BTW. Other communication (ATC, tanker) works fine.




    If you hear your AI wingman you are on the correct frequency,

    it worked for me before to turn the volume knob of the COMM1 all the way down, turning the COMM1 off, and then use COMM2 to talk to AI.

  10. @BIGNEWY

    For example if you carry HARM, or some other GPS guided weapon and turn them ON, exit AG mode and go AA mode, when you press WPN page you will see HARM WPN page. Same happens with GPS guided weapons. I mean they show WPN page OFF but I guess they stay selected and thus they give you no BE info on the HUD. If GBU-12 are selected BE info will be shown in both Nav and AA modes.




    F-16 Bulleye info.trk

  11. 1 hour ago, ny3d1 said:

    Before this latest update I could fly my entire flight plan with "Auto" selected. Now It's stuck on "Manual". I have to manually select my waypoints. Is this a bug or am I missing a step somewhere.??


    There has been some changes with introduction of MGRS conversion system, now you have to dobber down to select the MAN sequencing and then M-SEL key on the ICP to switch to AUTO sequencing.



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  12. I think every aircraft spawned cold should spawn with wheel chocks be it on the carrier or not, just like the Hornet spawns on the carrier.

    Every airplane video or image I've seen where they are turned off they have wheel chocks, every one of them.


    This should be the case in DCS if possible, thanks!

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  13. RF Switch when set to quiet stops radar from emitting or scanning, according to the Viper manual page 36 it says:


    "RF Switch. The radio frequency, or RF, switch, is a three-position switch that allows you to control emissions
    from your aircraft. When set to silent, all electronic signals for the aircraft are disabled, to include the radar,
    radar altimeter, data link, TACAN transmit, and ECM. In quiet mode though, the radar, TACAN, and data link
    transmit but all other emissions are inhibited."


    When I set it to quiet, the Radar is not scanning,

    but I can hear the TACAN tone, HSI TACAN arrow points to the correct heading, and contacts on HSD are moving, changing altitude etc.


    Radios work both in quiet and silent mode.

    Radar altimeter works in quiet and in silent mode.

    Datalink works in silent mode.

    TACAN works in silent mode.


    can't test ECM atm.



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