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  1. Thank you, Ill definitely check that out
  2. Thnx I know about the mod, but the fact that you need to fix their product... the quality of some parts of the product is really bad, and not matching the price tag imo. Simple google search The same issues started happening to me after about 3 or 4 months of use. And I'm not squeezing it like a maniac etc...
  3. I am disappointed in the quality of T16000M FCS, the pedals on the throttle and the twist on the stick started malfunctioning very soon, so I've searched the web and found out that the wires are too close to the potentiometer and that they are interfering with it, so it starts to oscillate, so I took it apart and moved the wires to the side, on the stick it works fine but the throttle pedals started malfunctioning again which is annoying, probably the wires moved back, gonna have to take it apart again. The throttle slider is plastic and it is sliding on the metal
  4. Wait... seriously? So the push to upgrade to win10 was this ED decision to stop the win7 support, you didn't have any hint before? Like the fact that Microsoft cut down the support for win7 a year ago? Like the fact that win 7 released in 2009, about 12 years ago? In the meantime there was Win8, and Win10 that we have today, with Win10 being released in 2015. So all this time you have had no proper push to upgrade to win10? You can find win10 key for digital download online, google it, it is very cheap about 3€. Presuming you have moved from d
  5. With 2.7 comes new engine if I understood correctly, a new engine means less load on the GPU and CPU, so if its not Nvidia 960GT you wont need an upgrade;P
  6. I really don't want DCS turn into COD or even remotely close to that blasphemy, first sign of loot boxes or such stuff in DCS and I'm out, if you want COD type of DCS go play Ace Combat, have fun and farewell ;D I'm only interested in planes but I think that having good ground troops sim would be even more immersive for the plane pilots as well, and it would attract more people to DCS, so I'm all in for the ground units and airfield assets. Just please don't make COD out of DCS.
  7. Yep if you get under the light in a plane it doesn't get illuminated by the light, it just stays in the dark. Would be cool to have that fixed.
  8. Well I would like to answer both, but there is no option:P I wouldn't give one the advantage over the other cause I think both planes are very capable and can offer a lot, I own Hornet a little longer then the Viper, over a year, and there is tons of stuff to learn, I am really enjoying it and I can say the same for the Viper, both are worth buying.
  9. I'd go for this - Airfield Assets Pack - Including Animated and Moving Ground Handlers etc, it is something DCS really needs, airfields are just boring atm, no immersion at all. The rest I'm not interested in, so if it can go as separate modules it would be perfect!
  10. Aha all right, understandable, but how do they do it in real life then? like when AWACS picks up a radar, can it mark it and share the mark point?
  11. Thnx for reply It would be a nice feature to have the ability to save those missions and multi player missions, so you can basically have a few sessions with friends on a mission that continues.
  12. Is there any way to update DL info on the HSD page during a mission? for example when you take out SA2
  13. Is it possible to save progress in a dinamic mission, for example Through The Inferno or The Round Table, Snowfox Escalation missions? Any commands to do this?
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