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  1. Dear all, thanks for your precious feedback. Best regards
  2. Hi Flappie, you're right, I have no SCROLL LOCK key. This thing drives me crazy. I know I could run my Nvidia GE FOrces Experience in background and have an FPS counter, but why should I have another software running when DCS has a built-in counter? Maybe the guys at ED can help..... I wait for their answer and/or any other hint. Thanks again.
  3. Hallo everybody, I have no PAUSE key on mykeyboard. Hence, I can't turn the FPS counter on via the default combo LCTRL-PAUSE. I tried to assign a new combo but nothing happens. No counter shown on my screen, whatever I choose. Any hint? Thanks in advance for your answer. Regards
  4. Hi Eduardo, Thanks. Actually, I just realized that my "OLD" PC had a USB 3.0 port and the COUGAR was plugged into it. So it's definitely not a USB 3.0-related issue. Thanks for the picture but, sorry, I'm not that much into techniques to understand what this is all about. I dp't even know how you reached that page..... So, I uninstalled the HOTAS software+drivers, and reinstalled all following your post on DCS forum. Now the HOTAS COUGAR Control Panel icon on my desktop has a "Windows" sign on it....... Any hint? Thanks, Andrea
  5. Yes, I did. And also tried to use the other USB ports. The problem is still there....
  6. Hello everybody, this might have been discussed in the past but I couldn't find any post. So, sorry if it's the case. I own a COUGAR which perfectly worked on my 2018 PC. I now moved to a new Gaming PC which is only equipped with USB 3.0 ports. Once the software and drivers installed (thanks Rudel for the instructions), I run the Hotas Control Panel and I get the following message: "Device detection error. E2: ensure that the device is connected and worked properly". I now have the doubt that the COUGAR could be not compatible with 3.0. Is that the case? And, if it's the case, would you
  7. Signori, Vi ringrazio molto per il tempo che avete dedicato alle mie domande. Seguirò i vostri consigli e qualora dovessi avere un problema mi permeterò di scrivervi ancora. Grazie! Ciao!
  8. Ciao Viper79, grazie per la tua risposta. Ho letto il post che mi hai linkato. Loro parlano di disattivare i moduli prima di copiare il tutto. E' quello che hai fatto anche tu? Ciao!
  9. Bonjour à tous, je viens d'acheter un PC gaming et je voudrais transférer du vieux pc au nouveau l'ensemble de DCS World et des modules que j'ai acheté sans devoir tout télécharger à nouveau. Je crains que le fait de copier en bloc le dossier DCS et ses sous-dossiers d'un PC à l'autre par le biais d'un disque dur extérieur puisse donner des erreurs, surtout en èhase de mises à jour. Auriez-vous SVP une procédure à me conseiller pour que la transition se fasse sans problèmes? Je vous remercie par avance de votre aide. Bons vols virtuels. Andrea
  10. Ciao a tutti, sono passato ad un PC gaming e vorrei trasferire dal vecchio PC il mio DCS World ed i vari moduli che ho acquistato senza dover passare ore a scaricare tutto. Credo che il semplice copia e incolla di tutta la cartella e sottocartelle possa non funzionare, soprattutto in fase di UPDATE. Avete un suggerimento da darmi PF su una procedura che limiti lo spreco di tempo? Vi ringrazio in anticipo. Ciao! Andrea
  11. Thanks for your reply. Sorry, but I'm not that much into programming technique. I guess my F18 module updates automatically when I start DCS (if updates are available). How can I have access to the open Beta version? Thanks. Regards, Andrea
  12. Dear all, It has certainly already been discussed on these forums but I couldn't find trace of it, so if it's the case I apologize for this message. I own the F-18 module and I see plenty of videos on the Air-to-ground radar. Also, I find plenty of discussions on this and other forums. However, this radar mode is not present in my F-18. Are the videos from Beta testers or am I unable to correctly update to a non-beta version that implements this awesome new feature? Should this radar mode be still unavailable to the public, any idea on when it will be released? Thanks for your re
  13. Thanks, understood. However, for all Instant Missions there's no way to enter the editor, so no way to understand on which frequency that flight should stay. And these INSTANT MISSIONS are important for newbies (as I am) to understand how the whole game and plane system work. Any hint?
  14. Dear all, I fly the F-16 with Easy Communications. Whatever the mission I fly, either Instant action or Regular Mission, I never have any reply from my wingmen. I can exchange with AWACS and ATC, but I never get a reply from my wingmen whatever order I give (attack, formation and so on). I a sure to be on the right frequency since and Easy Comm should make sure that my radios are set on it. The fact that my wingmen cannot help me simply prevent me from accomplish many mission, since my weapon load is not enough to kill all the bandits.Any hint? Thanks for your help. Regards
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