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  1. I looked at that last week as well. The website is not blackballed by anyone yet but the domain name is less than 3 months old. Stay Away.
  2. I'm in the market also, Dell just pushed back their delivery date from June 18 to July 1...
  3. I looked at the 10900k in an Alienware build I just bought a week ago. I ended up going with the 9700k overclocked to 4.7MHz for better DCS performance and lower cost.
  4. Greetings everyone. Just ordered a PC to start playing DCS. Always wanted to be a fighter pilot but life took a different path. Looking forward to meeting like minded people! My previous flight sim experience is pretty old, lol: -Atari 400 Flight Simulator II -Amiga 500 F/A 18 Intercepter -Falcon 3.0 -Falcon 4.0 -USAF Boeing C17 Flight Simulator - Joint Base Charleston
  5. I've seen a few other sites showing June 1 as the next replenishment date. In my case, the June 18 date was listed on the website prior to my order and was a couple weeks after the others so I thought it is realistic, maybe even conservative. I guess we will see.
  6. Ordered a set of MFG Pedals... that should do it. Now just wait for the arrivals...
  7. Wow! Did they give you an order fulfillment estimate? They say mine will arrive by June 19.
  8. Just ordered J-Pien desk mounts for the TM Warthog for $120 shipped in USA. They look to be solid units and less than 1/2 the price of other similar concept desk mounts.
  9. I read this as well. Looks like Dell provides instructions on how to change/upgrade all components in an R9... EXCEPT the motherboard (& Bios...). There are instructions online on how to do it as well. I'm happy with my order as many discounts lined up and I got a full 2080 ti / i9 system & 32GB 3200MHz Ram for $2.2k and it includes a warranty (and looks pretty cool too). Comparable systems from other manufacturer/assemblers were at least $400-$500 higher and I was reading nightmares about build quality. I also could not source the parts for the cost I paid (maybe there is a par
  10. Standard is a 1 year warranty. I think my credit card doubles it though. With this system, the draw should be max 650-700W so 850W will cover it.
  11. I looked at that. Actually that's why I held off until I did. Nvidia's announcement was in early May (postponed a month due to CV) but they did not release a date or info on the next gen GPU's, specifically the "3080 ti" or whatever it will be called. With the lack of info, I wasn't going to wait to September/October this year to see if they released it. I can see waiting to upgrade, but I was buying new and did not have a PC to play DCS with. On the CPU's, I researched the whole 14nm design architecture but again I wasn't going to hold off due to it. I actually chose an older chip t
  12. Just click on your name and go to your profile. The pic is in the bottom right hand corner: https://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=152422
  13. no worries, i've got a thick skin. and i'll need it for all comments coming from my family as well...
  14. lol, never thought i would be looking forward to getting it. Build time is about a month though. Ordering all the accessories now... - 32GB Ram upgrade - Pedals and desk mounts (VKB)... surprised there's not a cheaper desk mount solution out there. I work closely with a machine shop, may just develop something. - Track IR or the solution that uses the Playstation camera That should do it to get me started. Then I figure a few month learning curve and may look into VR at that point.
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