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  1. is this alignment then complete if you load on jdams after aligning the aircraft? for example, I land and rearm.
  2. is the estimated position error always shown now? Anything I can do to reduce the estimated error?
  3. well, i have gotten to being able to drop jdams. i did not know i needed to hold the pickle for a few seconds. The ALN QUAL is still nowhere to be found though.
  4. In the tutorial videos and chucks guide, i would see "ALN QUAL 00 GOOD" when the J82 is powered on. I am not getting that message. and when selecting a target on the ground the pickle button wont release a bomb. Tips on what I might be missing?
  5. Howdy folks, I am in Open Beta. Trying to learn to Drop JDAMS in TOO mode. First, What does GPS EHPE 18FT and GPS EVPE 18FT mean? I cant find any info on these two lines in either chucks guide or the harrier pocket guide. I don't see an alignment starting on the stores page when I select J82. What am I doing wrong?
  6. There have been a few posts about the radar swap problem. Tends to happen when switching to and from Gun with a target locked and losing lock. I believe they are investigating. In the meantime there is a workaround to get your radar back. Select a Fox type (1, 2, or 3) TDC depress on empty space to begin a fast auto acquisition scan. (forgive me I don't know what this mode is officially called). While this small scan is going, select a different Fox type. When the fast scan finishes, your radar should be back to normal. If you have a past track where this occurred, zip it and upload it
  7. See my responses above for how the azimuth may be playing a role. 1. Your radar problem may be do to pressing Cage/Uncage with an Aim120 selected. This allows you to launch a Pitbull aim120 despite having a lock. Try locking a target with an aim120 selected. Then press cage/uncage. 2. Another possible cause is a jamming target. If a plane is jamming your radar, you still have a general idea of where they are and thus can maintain a lock but you lose distance information. The L&S cues rely on range and closure rate so without a range reading the plane removes them. Sti
  8. Your "Radar Problem Hornet.trk" has a few radar settings that will make you much more likely to lose lock 1. Scan Time: You are scanning 4 vertical Bars and 140 deg of azimuth. It takes your radar a significant amount of time to scan the entire area. 2Your Target ageing is set to 4 seconds. This means if the radar does not find the target again within 4 seconds, it drops the target. (Target Ageing. The amount of time a target symbol remains on the display after RADAR contact has been lost can be adjusted with successive presses between 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 seconds.) click data in
  9. In this specific track file you have a few things going on to your disadvantage. Radar Tilt: you are at 11,000 ft. your targets are at 17,000 ft. As they approach their angle off your nose is slowly rising. your radar tilt is set to level instead of slightly up to match the ever increasing tilt of the target. To improve this, periodically move your tdc cursor over the targets current position, then adjust radar tilt so the target is in the middle of the radar cone. PRF: Your pulse Repetition Frequency is set to INTL (Interleaved) Here is a paragraph from the f18 guide: PRF. Pul
  10. I have an interesting addition to this. I experience the same tdc stop behavior when trying to go diagonal with the TGP for the A10C 2. Same for the HMCS cursor. But not for the HUD cursor. Very strange, but at least that shows that whatever funny business is going on there is affecting some ED modules as well. Still though, i haven't found any other modules that have my first issue of deadzones not being respected.
  11. From the future. +1 to this. please add laser cooldown.
  12. @RAZBAM_ELMO Hey, since your actively posting here, can you find my bug i accidently posted in the general forums and move it to the appropriate bugs section?
  13. Am I sure? No. What I can tell you is: -The F18 has 2 gun ammo options: "Default" and "No Tracers" -If you fire rounds and spectate them, they just say "20mm HE" -The bullets do very little damage to ground targets. The f16 on the other hand has as ammo choices: HEI-T High Explosive Incendiary-Tracer HEI High Explosive Incendiary AP Armor Piercing TP Target Practice-Tracer SAPHEI High Explosive Armor Piercing PGU TP Target Practice-Tracer PGU - By Default it uses "SAPHEI High Ex
  14. +1 from the future. I love the SAPHEI rounds in the f16. They have so much more stopping power. Seeing that the f18 gun has a selector for whether it is using PGU or M50 makes me want them even more. The Hornet Default rounds are listed as 20mm HE if you spectate them. Please ED, Give us the rounds!
  15. As you wish. During this short flight, I am moving my TDC in circles. As it goes to to diagonals, it stops, and only starts again when I either stop slewing or move to a straight up/down or left/right slew. tdcslew.trk
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