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  1. Had this too with the F14,everything else seems to be all good.
  2. I tried your work around with the mission folders and it kinda works for me, the first time i load up DCS and load a mission then quit i get a CTD after that when i restart DCS i do not get any crashes at all atm and not using Win8 mode, however in compatibility mode DCS runs with no crashes! appreciate you guys that are trying to sort this all the same.
  3. I am going to give this a try,will report back.
  4. How do i get todays patch , usually i get a message on DCS start up to install but not so atm? is it released at different times re region I'm in the UK, i have tried via the "update DCS" but says i am on latest version and am up to date! Sorted 15.30 hrs
  5. 10 crashes all mission editor since todays update ..
  6. +1 (20H2)This has worked for me atm, a few hours in and out of ME and no crashes where as before it was pretty much every second time, also emptied the temp folder and updated NVDIA...more than likely jinxed it now but will see how it goes.
  7. Just installed the new build and i now do not have the engine sounds, everything else can be heard, other aircraft all good and old build was deleted before install, any help folks? FIXED ( took the aircraft out of the mission in ME then back in ) all good, great mod nice work VNAO
  8. Just picked up the Gazelle a month after the UH-1H Huey as always gave helicopter's a miss i am really enjoying them both especially the Gazelle as so many people seem to complain about it...i have not stopped flying it for the last two days, i am also not what you would call a pro sim pilot but using the Logitech 3d Pro and an X52 i have had no problem with hover and general flight in both aircraft.
  9. Ok Joey thankyou for the reply ,sorry to ask just when i looked through some other screenshots it looked different great work and enjoying flying the Harrier from it
  10. Am i missing textures from the island?
  11. Hi , little help needed please, i have installed parts 1 and 2 and the ship shows up in game but i only have the Hudson Bay liveries available, when i look in the folder savedgame/dcs/liveries i have Hermes 73 and 81 and everything in the folders. Guessing i may have missed a step , i am on the latest openbeta Cheers Neil (sorted , great work joey)
  12. The issue was having was way more than what it was supposed to be doing, however after another very clean reinstall with all mods removed etc my Harrier is back to normal i must of had some file left over from something that messed it up. It now taxis as it is supposed too, it will go forward on idle as does the real aircraft on idle but its all under control now as with my previous issue it was not, anyway what ever my issue was it is now fixed so happy days.
  13. Thanks for the replies , i have checked switch bound and discounted that one , the parking brake is disengaging/engaging no problem with my key binds. I will try and post a track file as what i have is a stuttering motion with forward and sideways movement at idle with wheel brakes applied and also if the park brake applied, something is wrong as i am also getting a dive to the right in flight now with trim checked etc. My concern is some sort of damaged or left over file in my system relating to the flight model, i have tried a repair of DCS 3 time and now 4 reinstalls
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