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  1. Thank you for your reply. I finally figured out that found the Config file in Saved Games folder and changed the setting ["multiMonitorSetup"] = "1camera" That put the entire scene in the center monitor. In terms of using all of the monitors, I am currently using x-plane 11 and my 3 monitor set up allows me almost 180 degrees of of view which gives me what is in front as well as the left and right view. I did this in x-plane as my learning was to fly the Cessna 172 on VFR and I could spot an airport off to the right or left and make and landing and take off again. I then used
  2. Screen Shot For my Post Here is a screen shot of what my center screen looks like.
  3. I have 3 monitors but have been running DCS on the Center monitor. I went into options and decided to choose 3 monitors. Now the DCS only shows up on the center screen and then only partially. I cannot get to the options tab to change it back to 1 monitor. How can I fix this as I am grounded. Help! Otrman
  4. Afterburner Is there an indicator for the afterburner. I pressed the assigned binding and I did not notice any discernible effect. Throttle was maxed, I got off at about 130, climbed, and got up to about 150, climbed slowly to 20,000 leveled off at 300 or so. Is this the expected performance or have I done something wrong? Otrman (Henry)
  5. I just received the F18, setup control bindings, took the taxi/takeoff, and managed to get off the runway but have a couple of questions. 1. The instructor said that afterburners have to be engaged for takeoff but did not tell exactly when to engage them - at first start down the runway or reaching a given speed. 2. There is a setting for the F18 that gives the choice of always off or always on. When always off is selected does that mean that I can not selectively engage afterburners or is engagement by setting the binding for that or does the above mentioned of on mean that I can
  6. Preparing for the F18 Getting ready for the F18, 1. Someone mention "disabling thingies" - what are these and where are they? 2. Should I fly "sim" or "game"? 3. After I install the F18 and create it's own profile how do be sure it is loaded when I want to fly the F18 rather than the P51 Real? I will order it now and go through the Manual for it. Regards, Otrman
  7. F18 vs P51 Only reason I started on the P51 was to master something difficult and besides I am a WWII buff. I have X-plane 11 and have flown the Cirrus jet and the Phantom. Much easier to fly. I want something more modern and with mission capability. I would eventually like to fly the F18 off a carrier. The P51 that came with DCS just doesn't work for me. Otrman
  8. Assist Things I am flying the P51D Real - have one profile in supporting that. All response curves at "stock". I was told that on the options, to set "game". Is that what you are referring to? Should I set to "simulation"? I roll off to the left even though I get up to 120 before trying to left off? This plane is the one supplied by DCS as a freebie. I don't really care this much about the P51, as I am able to take off using x-plane 11 with both the Corsair and Mustang (Skunkcraft). What about the F18 (purchased) by DCS? Any comments on that one? Thanks in advance, O
  9. Gunsights I don't know. It is the one that comes with DCS. I didn't focus on that as my main concern was to learn to take off, fly, and land before I got into missions. Why do you ask?
  10. Just Not Working Out I created a new profile "real" deleted the "easy" profile. I deleted the "easy" one by finding it and deleting it. What I would like is to have an option to select the profile I want to use when I start the sim. I have the same thing with the newly created profile. I lift off but it rolls violently causing me to roll to the right or left. Is there a way I can record the flight so you folks can see what is happening to me. I wanted to use DCS to learn and fly the F18 but the F18 is a much more complex and faster plane and I fear I will not do any bet
  11. Game Flight Mode That did not change anything. I will add a profile for Real that includes all my buttons and save it to see if that works.
  12. Attachments for Previous Notes I know I am being picky here but I will be using the same controller setup when I get to the F18 later and I would solve them before then. Is there a curve suggestion that might help with the roll problem? Attachments coming,, P51 Easy.diff.lua.txt.txt
  13. Taking Off in the P51 First let me say that it is my intention to get to the F18. My apparent madness is that I am very much a perfectionist. And when I heard that the Mustang was hard to fly, and then tried it, I chose to master it before moving on. I learned on the 172 on x-plane 11 and never having flown a sim I struggled a bit but got it done. I then moved to twin engine baron and finally to the Cirrus jet. Each change got easier because I only had to learn only to learn the new stuff that came with new planes. Flying the Corsair, which is a tad easier than the Mustang, I wanted to shar
  14. Making Some Progress I started flight simulation about 5 months ago with x-plane 11 and have been able to fly the 172 and Cirrus fairly well. I got Corsair and Mustang aircraft because they are notoriously difficult to fly because of the torque generated by the very powerful engines but I need to sharpen my skills and reaction time to get ready for DCS flying. Right now I am working the the P51 for takeoff and am having the same problems I initially had with the x -plane version: 1. First I am using a combo of the Honeycomb Alpha for Pitch and Roll, Logitech rudder pedals fo
  15. Can't Find Toe Brakes I cannot find toe brakes when searching when searching controls. Toe brakes work just fine on my Logitech rudder pedals when using x-plane 11.
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