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  1. His engine died in his first mission, and the AI’s engine in the second. Can’t help but wonder if the AI went to WEP and left it there. There’s enough water for about 15 minutes of operation (~30 gallons), so it shouldn’t have ran out of water. I’m willing to bet that both engines suffered an overstress failure.
  2. The Jug is limited to 5 minutes of war emergency power (64” MP, 2,750 RPM, 2,400 HP) with water injection. Military power (52” MP, 2,700 RPM, 2,000 HP) without water injection is limited to 15 minutes. Cylinder head temperature limits at these high power levels are increased slightly from 232° to 260°. Beyond those limits you are risking your engine and really overstressing it. From what you described, it sounds like your engine packed it in after it had enough at high power. Doubly so if you ran out of water when at WEP.
  3. I flew two missions last night, both time got the crash upon exit of the first mission. Upon loading the sim the second time, I set my graphics using the medium preset button and then ran my second flight of the evening. It crashed again that time too. Open beta No mods dcs.log-20210601-022736.zip dcs.log-20210601-032552.zip
  4. @Flappie My results are the same now in the current OB. First AIM-9 set it on fire and it begun a descent. The second one splashed it, nothing catastrophic, but it did enter death spiral and crashed. The kill was registered after impact of the second AIM-9 and well before it augered in. Certainly didn't take a GBU-10 to finish it off this time
  5. I agree, once the prop is on the low pitch mechanical stops, the governor can do no more. At that point good ol’ physics takes over and the prop RPM is now a function of airspeed in the dive.
  6. It’s been like this for a few patches now, both front and back seat. I even posted a thread about it with screen shots a couple weeks ago: This has happened in the past with other modules, notably the A-10C during 2.5.x and well before the Tank Killer. That was eventually patched out and the lights were lit and readable in daylight.
  7. I have a mission I created where I can practice various weapons with the A-10C (both Warthog and Tank Killer), with a variety of ground targets, a ship, and an orbiting Ka-27. Lately I've noticed that the Ka-27 is rather difficult to shoot down, and unless the rotors are destroyed and it crashes, it will continue flying. In my mission, I cold start and take off from Kobuleti, and have a short flight to the abandoned airfield to the south along the coastline. That is where most of my practice targets are, plus the orbiting helo. When my target helo takes damage, but is still able to
  8. From what I understand the fire pull handles activate fuel cut off valves to that particular engine when pulled out and also designate where the extinguisher agent goes when you use the L/R extinguisher bottle activation switch to the right of the fire pull handles. To restart, the fire pull handle (or multiple pull handles) needs to be pushed back in to open the fuel valves. Make sure your pumps are still on, and it should restart (assuming the engine was not damaged).
  9. @agrasyuk I had a small revelation, I think we're trying to edit the wrong file. The file I was trying to edit in under: <drive>:\Users\<username>\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\Input\<aircraft> . This isn't the correct file and has the line entries like I showed in my first post. My TM Warthog lua has identically formatted entries as my friends BBI-64 lua file in those folders. The correct file we need to work on is: <drive>:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\<aircraft>\Input\<aircraft>\<folder>\default.lua
  10. No, even the ground and shipboard M61's use linkless ammunition. Having it linked in the box really helps in the loading process. I can't recall how many 20mm rounds come in a box, I think it's 200 or 250 (it's been a few years ), but each link has a hook on one side and a loop on the other. A full load on a CIWS drum is 1,550, so you'd need 8 boxes to (assuming 200 rds/box) to give it a full load. As one box is loaded, you can attach the links from the tail end of one box to the beginning of the next box to keep the process going. You also have to have empty boxes near
  11. Image 2: (front panel with master test in lights position) Image 3 - Front panel with master test in FIRE DET/EXT position.
  12. Here's a couple screenshots I took last night in a daytime training mission I had made. The first two are with the master test switch in the lights position. The third one is with the master test in the fire det/ext position. I can't even tell if the fire lights are lit. Image 1:
  13. Had this happen tonight, and have had it sporadically before as well in all three versions of 2.7 so far. dcs.log-20210512-021227.zip
  14. A friend of mine is building a A-10 simpit and decided to use the Button Box Interface, model BBI-64, for his switches and buttons. The issue he ran into is that he's having to cycle a toggle switch twice in order to change the state of the switch in the sim. I know you have to edit the lua file to do this, and I'm new to it as I just recently got a TM Warthog, and only started getting in to modifying lua for it's toggle switches in other modules. The lua structure on his BBI isn't the same as what I would find in doing the same for my Warthog. Here's an example from his fuel panel
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