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  1. I've just realized what makes the PITCH switch different from others ... it's "spring loaded". Other switches (including ROLL) do not automatically spring back on you based upon what the aircraft is doing. But the PITCH switch will automatically re-center / reset itself if you (for example) bank too far, or pull to many G's. Related, with "spring back" switches like PITCH, you can hold them up/down, but once you release them, they spring back ... which can be simulated with a button push (hold down the button on the joystick), but not with a rotary encoder (which is an immediate o
  2. I assume that you replied to this (unrelated) thread on accident. I'll see if I can change that in my joystick config app. But that still doesn't explain why this only fails on the PITCH switch, but not any others (including the ROLL switch, which is literally right next to it in the cockpit heheh).
  3. Thanks for that tip - I will use it to make smaller tracks in the future. I am at a loss as well, and it's not a "big deal" since I have plenty of other buttons to work with. I just wanted to call it to your attention in case it was something that might be affecting other users. By the way, technically I believe that these are "rotary encoder" dials. So they're not buttons per se ... they twist ... but they behave like buttons, as opposed to axes. Just wanted to be clear, in case that makes a difference. I don't see flicker when using the VPC testing tool.
  4. OK, I've tested again, following these steps: Cleared all of my bindings across all of my input devices, including the keyboard (except for "ESC" to end the mission), mouse (so I could test manual interaction), and TrackIR (so that I could view the cockpit controls in question). Bound the dial in question to the A/P PITCH control. Started a mission in the air. Attempted to use the dial in question - FAIL. Switched to another dial - FAIL. Bound the first dial to A/P ROLL instead, tested that - SUCCESS. Bound the second dial to A/P ROLL, test that - SU
  5. Thanks for verifying. I'll try that again as soon as I can (a bit later today) and will report back!
  6. Yes, I attached one to my post via Google Drive (download link). It was 7MB in size (even zipped), so I wasn't able to attache it here (5 MB limit). Not sure why it was so big, as it was relatively quick ... If you'd recommend a different method (or for me to recreate it again), just let me know. Thanks!
  7. But I am NOT using T.A.R.G.E.T. software. Not sure if you saw my detailed response (above) describing exactly what I did to recreate the problem. I believe that my debugging steps point to this being a software problem, not a hardware or driver problem.
  8. One more thing to add: In addition to working correctly for Autopilot ROLL, I have confirmed that both of the throttle knobs in question also work correctly for other functions, such as the F/A-18 COM1 and COM2 frequencies. So this does NOT appear to be a hardware nor driver issue. <shrug> In any case, since I have a workaround (using different buttons for this purpose), I'll just do that instead!
  9. Thanks for your quick response! After some more testing, this is what I have found: When I test Autopilot PITCH with EITHER of my throttle's "twisting knobs" (which actually send different button presses when you turn it in either direction), it does NOT work. When I test Autopilot ROLL with the same exact two "twisting knobs", it DOES work. When I test Autopilot PITCH with two depressable buttons, it DOES work. So there's just some sort of problem with PITCH (only) and with "twisting knobs" (only). Weird that the ROLL switch does NOT exhibit the same beha
  10. I have mapped both the "Autopilot PITCH" (up and down) as well as the "Autopilot ROLL" (up and down) to four separate buttons on my throttle. The up and down actions for "Autopilot ROLL" behave as expected - I can cycle that switch up and down. But the up and down actions for "Autopilot PITCH" do not work. I can visibly see the briefest of movements when I trigger the buttons in question, but the switch doesn't stay in either the up or down position - it immediately returns to center. I am using a VIRPIL CM3 throttle (the latest). I have tried di
  11. Thank goodness, it's not just me. +1 ... I'm having this same behavior (I think). 1) Ensure my TGP isn't locked to anything - i.e. it's in snowplow or VVSL mode. 2) Switch my SOI to the HUD 3) Use my HMD to designate a target (not currently in view of the HUD) 4) Look at the TGP (and / or switch SOI to it) Expected behavior: The TGP should be slaved and stabilized to the target that I designated. Actual behavior: The TGP initially snaps to the target, but immediately starts to drift off of it. Attempting to
  12. @Santi871 Cool, thanks ... good to know!
  13. EDITED ... NOT A BUG I believe that I'm experiencing an issue with my joystick, and a very sloppy axis that is actually slewing my cursor without my knowledge. :P
  14. Previously, switching the master covert switch to "ALL" would kill ALL of the exterior lights. However the latest OB release (, the "ALL" position leaves the collision light on the top of the tail blinking. Working as intended?
  15. Was delighted to discover in the latest OB ( that auto-lasing has been implemented, so that I don't have to trigger the laser manually when using GBUs. But now, every time that I drop a GBU-12, following the auto-lase and subsequent target destruction, the laser automatically shuts itself off. I don't mean that it just stops lasing ... rather the physical arming switch in the right console turns itself off completely. As a result, after every bombing pass, I need to manually flip the console switch back on. Working as intended?
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