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  1. Sorry that doesnt make sense to me, are you sure it was not a Starboard turn. Number 4 cat is on the portside of the vessel, and if a vigorous turn to port of the vessel is engaged, I would have thought impetus calculations would have thrown the aircraft towards the starboard side.:huh::huh:
  2. Hey thanks for that Apache600. I will give it a go and let you know how I got on. Cheers M8
  3. I purchased the Mig 15 and F86 Sabre along with the Relic Campaign not so long ago on the last sale.I have since been working my way through the campaign first starting with the Mig 15 (what a lovely little flier she is!!!!) I have reached mission 8 so far, but there is one I would like to redo, having completed it just about okay, but I would like to improve my performance on it as a Ground Attack module ( I think Mission 4). This is essentially a linear campaign and you have to finish one before you start another. Is there any way I can go back to the mission I have already clocked
  4. I am thinking of getting the Supercarrier myself and at £26 at the moment it doesnt look a bad price for what it promises. For those more experienced in DCS and their pricing policies, can anyone tell me is the price of this item likely to incrrease substantially after 15th April. I seem to recall when the F16 was on Pre purchase, it was running at about £40 then once released it went up to like £61. Same thing with the Thunder (JF17) tthat I recall was advertised at £50 and has since gone up to £61 now it has been released. Like many, I am all for saving on the pocket, particularly like w
  5. I would go along with this outlook as hard as it is for me to master as a newb. :helpsmilie: From aircaft to aircraft, not only is the labelling different but also the postions of switches doing the same thing. I usually start off with the simplest items and add five a night to learn the position of, usually governed by the activity I am undertaking ie ATA missile or ATG CCIP or CCRP or equivalent. Sometimes it goes up to seven, other times only 3 or 4 but each aircraft is a learning curve, and all the more fun and rewarding when your hands are flying around the panels operating the necessary
  6. Hello All, just thought I would introduce myself. Getting into DCS goodstyle now with a decent range of aircraft. Hopefully might meet up with some of you online. Just got myself the F16 and the Mirage in the Half Price Sale (couldnt resist) and just had a play on the Demo JF17. What a lovely flying aircraft it is, and quite user friendly from what I can see, no quirks Very easy to taxi and take off. Flying is a dream with a perfectly stable aircraft, and landing was surprisingly easy to. I really want one of these eventually but cant afford it yet. :smilewink::smilewink::smilewink:
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