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  1. What is this bug about? I don't seem to find anything wrong in my end.
  2. Hallo! Did you hear back from the team?
  3. Ok, maybe not so much xd. It seems ground power still breaks the radios if you touch the channels when MC 1 and 2 are online. If those mission computers are online but you don't touch any channel then guard stays off. If MC 1 and 2 are offline then channel 1 is selected. If MC 1 and 2 are turned back off then guard stays on until you power up the engines.
  4. Despite being marked as no bug everything I reported was fixed to the way I stated in OP and follow up posts. Thanks.
  5. No, you're getting it wrong. What we are discussing here is how far away the AWACS is from you, not the contact he is painting and transferring to you via L16. So I put an AWACS 352nm away FROM ME, and then an enemy that is in between so I can see it on SA. Cheers.
  6. Dude! This is an english forum, why the spanish? Lol I translated it and I can tell that you are very confused about how systems work in military aircraft. Go ahead and give the tutorials a chance, you'll like them :) Check out the replies above, all cover what you need. Anyway the answer is no, you cannot do what you want.
  7. Now I tested with 352nm from the AWACS (E-3) and I still got its SURV data. So 325nm isn't the limit.
  8. I did more tests with the E-3 and I am getting SURV data from 320nm, although much more inconsistent than the E-2. It seems the E-3 is very susceptible to notching, way more than the E-2. Maybe your install is broken? Pls attach your mission so we can look.
  9. Mmmmm, I tried with the big one E-3 and I still got the contact at 250nm from the SURV, however it wasn't as consistent as with the E-2 and radio comms were not available. So there is 100% confirmed a bug with the E-3, but I am not seeing the same results as you are.
  10. Anyway, @La Unión Atazar like me and the other guys pointed out, it will be good for you to check out the tutorial or maybe reading some stuff about how fighter aircraft work so you enjoy the most of DCS.
  11. Hi. After testing this, it seems nothing that has been said in this thread is coherent with what actually happens in DCS, not even the mods posts. I am receiving as we speak a SURV contact from an AWACS that is flying 228nm from me, and the contact is 93nm from him. EDIT: new test with AWACS at 317nm from me and still receiving SURV donor info. EDIT2: Both tests had the AWACS as an E-2
  12. Really? Which one is that? I didn't know any.
  13. I doubt that's ever going to be simulated here.
  14. What do you mean by "its radar turned off"? I told you already that the enemy's radar ("its radar") has nothing to do with any of this. Again, you can lock him in TWS and shoot, he will not know you fired (because of TWS) but he will know you are there (because of RWR detecting the scan part of TWS). Datalink also has nothing to do with radar locking. Cheers.
  15. Today I cannot even see the threads that I followed yesterday, did it got broken again?
  16. Hi, You could attack a dove if it was big enough to be detected, it has nothing to do with it having a radar or not. Enemy's radar has nothing to do with what or how you can do things. I reccommend you watch this YT tutorial before jumping into dcs, so you can learn more about how fighter aircraft work and enjoy more this simulation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsBWWZpfxhs Hope it helps.
  17. Sorry, as this can be seen in less than 30 seconds I assumed it wasn't necessary. Here is the track for checking. THanks. comm2 guard bug.trk
  18. Now I don't even see the ones I already followed with the new engine? What's going on?
  19. When you attempt to listen to guard in comm2, you press the guard ufc button after selecting comm2 radio, but it only activates if you select the same channel that was previously selected by comm1. Bug easy to reproduce. Thanks.
  20. I really don't. But anyway I hope they fix other things before new weapons arrive, I would love to use DCS with less than 5000 bugs per module at least once before I die. I really prefer bugfixing than new weapons. Why would I want the SEA AG mode if the harpoon won't do more than 1% damage to a ship? Thanks.
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