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  1. Quite correct. Making a VId looking down, outside the perceived WEZ and with a big speed diferential is not easy. Not all pilot are recce kings either. Maybe on static display but not in flight. You have to see this from the pilot's point of view. Well I hope that is the case every time they shoot. Truth is that long range shots taken in a hostile electronic environment are rarely possible. Radar and IFF alone are not enough to break out targets supported by ECM. This is when data fusion kicks in (EO/IR, GCI, AWACS and Data Link) and resolves your targetting ambiguities.
  2. This is from Jane's: "Russia developed a tube-launched low-altitude missile, designated SA-19 'Grison' by NATO, for use on the 2S6 Air Defence Gun/Missile System, which the Russians called 'Tunguska' or 2K22 Treugolnik. It was designed as a replacement for the ZSU-23-4 'Shilka' for use against low-flying aircraft, helicopters and air-to-surface missiles. It is believed that the system also has a secondary capability against armoured fighting vehicles and similar ground target." Jane's is not always 100% correct but is the most trusted unclas source available. I too find it hard to bel
  3. Understood but photos indicate an avionics package similar to AH-1Z.
  4. From Jane's: "Improved countermeasures suite in AH-1Z replaces AN/APR-39 and AN/APR-44 by AN/APR-39B(V)2 radar warning receiver. AN/AVR-2A laser detecting set (LDS) embedded in AN/AAR-47(V)2 missile warning set on AH-1Z, which also fitted with AN/ALE-47 chaff/flare dispensing subsystem." Looks like picture 4 is indeed an AN/AVR-2A embedded in the AN/AAR-47. On the other pics, the other round shape towards the nose is the AN/APR-39.
  5. Good question. On most airframes, it's a selection of program and on/off switch. The pilot and WSOs are WAY too busy to figure out jamming methods, freqs, etc. Thankfully there are engineers who figure out all the black magic stuff. The system knows that when the aircraft is being targeted by an APG-XX in STT it should use XX technique. No thinking required by the operator. Just like Maverick said "if you think out there, you're dead!" ;) Theoretically, your SPJ should take away or at least lower the Pk of any BVR and radar SAM shot against you. Having an escort and/or stand off
  6. SK is correct. There is plenty of unclas literature out there on ECM and ECCM theory and techniques. The problem is identifying the ECM techniques each different jammer uses. Same can be said for ECCM techniques for each radar. Good luck finding unclas info on the ALQ-135's ECM techniques, which ones are employed when and how they affect certain radars. All that real and accurate info is at least SECRET in nature. We can guess all we want but that's exactly what these sims are; guesses. That said, if ED had the time and resources, they could get into more generic ECM techniques such
  7. Incredible photographs Mike. Did Gardner Aviation roll out one of the Alpha Jets they're upgrading for the static display?
  8. Slotback 1/2 radar parameters are almost exactly the same. No fighter RWR can differentiate between the two. A great new feature IMHO.
  9. They were at Maple FLag for the first time ever this year also. http://www.airforce.forces.ca/4wing/photo_gallery/photo_gallery_e.asp?cat=97 Airframe #666 to boot.
  10. Close. It's actually called "CHILL". Stands for chaff illumination. Not an easy technique to pull off correctly.
  11. http://www.patricksaviation.com/videos.php?action=view&id=18 http://www.patricksaviation.com/videos.php?action=view&id=17 You can see the AIM-9X's imaging infrared sensor in action on those videos. If you look closely enough, you can see that the missile's logic circuitry also has a few tricks up its sleeve.
  12. Barring ECM, radar controlled AAA should be spot on. I think it's a game play/balance issue.
  13. Beautiful! Very nice work on Ironhand's site too BTW.
  14. I just found this on Jane's site. Thought it might interest some of the forum members. Maybe we should have a general aviation forum in the english sub-forums. Just a thought. Yugoslavia's secret SAMs Seymour Johnson In a 'crash' programme carried out during the 1999 NATO air campaign against their country, engineers in the former Yugoslavia created two-stage anti-aircraft missiles (AAMs) by mating infrared (IR) guided Russian air-to-air weapons with locally developed boosters, writes Seymour Johnson. Both were deployed for combat and at least one of these improvised weapons may ha
  15. LOL. Actually guys that fly most of the different formations on the left side of lead will fly in the right seat due to visibility and reference marks that they use. Right of lead fly in left seat. http://www.snowbirds.dnd.ca/team/main_e.asp I took the pics from the left seat. Pretty amazing experience!
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