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  1. Hello. I have also problems with TWS after the recent updates. Before the targets were just small boxes and was visible the System Target, Bug Target etc. Now with the new Symbology (Red, Triangle) i can't see any indication of System Target, Bug etc. Tried to zoom in but no result. Accidently once targets are less 10 nm i've got a lock but not happens the same all the times. Especially when i am trying to bug multiply targets at 40 or 80 nm. Thank you
  2. Oh ok. I've just follow the link in here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=98616 Thank you
  3. Hello. Seems that the Simulator Scripting Engine guide is not working.
  4. Hello. If you have in mind to expand more DCS Mission Editor: A useful addition could be if every COMMAND that we add in the 3 fields in TRIGGER environment will be TREE related. This will multiply the "cases" in the final ACTION(s), just in "one pass". Every field addition could be TREE related in the next field. Also if we have the ability to REM each command it will be helpful for testing purposes. Thank you
  5. shu77 thank you very much my friend.:thumbup: I will pay a visit :) PS: I had enough with too serious, ENOUGH!:):):)
  6. Hello. Any directions for DCS Teams or Clans in Australia ? Thank you.
  7. Thank you for the explanation my friend. I got the point and the logic.:thumbup: Sure Moose has been ahead. Sadly couldn't find details in Mist documendation If i become familiar with classes, i am sure there will be a way for Client side as they are using the same Group principles. In time :)..... Welcome to upload the example as it will be useful for others readers also.
  8. reptile92 Thank you for your reply my friend. Yes, the groups are AI that i want them to "pop-up" in front of CLIENTS. Please, do paste code as (i've just started with script and) i am still balancing between MIST and MOOSE. It will help me to understand: 1. That this can be done 2. And how this can be done Thank you, again :thumbup: PS: Please (if it is possible) be brief, not just headlines as i want to understand how things works. Not looking for a "ready solution". In fact, if i understand how to transfer "properties" from one group to another, it will open a wide hori
  9. Hello. I've setup 4 different groups with LATE ACTIVATION. Every group, have been placed in different starting point location with NO FURTHER WAYPOINTS, besides their 1st one (birth waypoint numbered as 0). A 5th GROUP with just 1 UNIT, have been set to follow a route of 10 waypoints. Is it possible to pass all the waypoints of the 5th group to the rest 4, so no matter their starting location, to start following the 10 waypoints route of the 5th ? Meaning, if GROUPS can SHARE or EXCHANGE waypoints between them. Thank you.
  10. Grimes thank you for the clarification. In fact, i like that you are always around :thumbup:
  11. Hello. Following the download link found the recent MIST version mist_4_3_74.rar at GitHub. Searching inside some demo missions (that i've download recently), mist_4_4_78.lua version found inside the Cold War Dogfight2lite.miz. Is there another download link (besides forums.eagle.ru) that indeed leads to the most recent release version ? Thank you.
  12. I would suggest to limit the armory. Use boats to deliver suplies and convoys from the other side. This will arise a protective role for both sides to protect their suppliers using different roles.
  13. Pikey yes this is exactly what i ment: Pseudo-Countries just for ME purposes. Ok (Finally:)) i've setup my own template for every terrain so no need every time to choose red, neutral, blue. (USAF Aggressors option, is bypassing the limits): As for the table, there could be a new table or an array that will contain all the rest of the tables of all the rest of the Countries. With LUA MIST or MOOSE i can declare my custom ones, so to pass values to the DCS registers or to use/redirect those that already pre-set in there. Just a thought from programmers point of view. Sure,
  14. Pikey Thank you for your reply/opinion/settings. I really appreciate it. I fully understand what you are saying. (CUSTOMERS 1st, right ? :):):)) My friend. while i am setting up a mission i have in mind the scenario that will run. I just want to use any available unit to fullfill slots for both MP sides. I want to explain, that is a matter of practical and not a matter of reality, of what every Country has in it's own real armory. And according your point of view (i respect) i can give you an example of what i have found: I am Greek. Well, regarding the Naval Greek arm
  15. Hello. Its been the 10nth time that i am trying to setup a template with all available aircrafts/helis and ground units (for every terrain) and i am restarting because of the SIDE/COUNTRY limitations. It will be a good addition for Mission Editor to give the ability (no matter Countries) to have RED all units & BLUE all units in two coallition options (like USAF aggressors). Thank you.
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