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  1. In the preview video of Aerges, we can see the landing gear swing going too fast, will it be slower for the release? (when it goes slow, it's sooo sexy)
  2. Please just stop with Mirage F"-"1, it's not an american jet... Mirage F1 etc
  3. Grift-06

    EDGE 340 Mod

    Edge 540* I can't wait for this mod anymore....
  4. Hi everyone, I have an issue with the velocity vector (FPM), it's stuck for the rudder axis. I mean when I pull the stick back, the FPM is a bit late, but no with the rudder. So when I land with crosswind I cannot see where I'm going. Or another exemple when I put the autopilot on a turn with the holding altitude selected, the FPM is not on the horizon. There are some other little bugs since the Supercarrier update....
  5. Unfortunately I don't have free time to learn how to script, but I wish I could later
  6. Hi everyone, I have a simple question, is it currently possible to make the carrier move with the wind if we set a dynamic weather on a mission? Ex: a server use the real time weather so the wind change often, and the carrier is useless with downwind on the deck
  7. Your gyro drift might be enabled,if you don't want to have it just disable it
  8. "Shame" is a little hard, but yes very sad
  9. I deleted all the free module of the month (with the Normandy Map) and mods, cleared everything, put the lowest setting I could, and still lagging as hell... Is there a link with the windows update ?
  10. Hi everyone, I have an issue with DCS and its perf... indeed sometimes overnight DCS has very bad perf, use a lot of RAM is lagging all the time and then gradually come back to normal perf. And this is not the first time, I don't understand why, with other game it works fine. If someone can help me thx
  11. Hi everyone, do you think we will see a M2000B or D version in a near future? It should be great to have at least a 3D model
  12. OMG the 1st clickable Russian aircraft !! It's amazing
  13. Yes and we have to remember that A/G is not its primary function, the 2000-C is an interceptor. I'm curious to see by myself the difference with the 2000-D :music_whistling:
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