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  1. 1. No, the Typhoon is more limited than the F16 2. Well, if you put enough Gz on it you can, but not very well. And yes, you can go up to +9.5G if you fly without tanks...
  2. Hey guys - let me says some words to my person: I am -TITS- and flew the Typhoon for a about 10 years in real-life together with Gero in the famous Jagdgeschwader Richthofen. I am now Lead Testpilot for TrueGrit and I will compare the Questions against a clean F-16 1.) Higher 2.) Higher 3.) Way higher 4.) Way better 5.) Less, due to the FCS limiting the AOA. 6.) Clean F-16 vs. Eurofighter with 2 Tanks (I won) 7.) You can go a bit over 9.0Gz if you are clean, around 0.3Gz. One other experience: The Typhoon does not decelerate as well as other aircraft because it is built so slick
  3. The EM diagramms are classified, but it will be very very very close to them. So, we will present the BFM-Beast, the Typhoon really is ;)
  4. Thanks for believing in us! We will not let you -and the DCS community- down ;)
  5. Well, you will get a BFM-Monster, especially if clean (no tanks) or just one centerline tank... If you merge guns only with a Typhoon and you are not in a Typhoon yourself...you better don´t ;)
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