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  1. hey alpen, is that normal that on behind ennemy lines we can't drop armored vehicules with the helis and why the red only got t55 in defense of the airfield and the blue got challenger II ?
  2. If you add the f-18 the su27 the su33 and the mig29s should be in the server, and the server would simply became a server like the blue flags ones, without fox3 and with all the planes available no matter the year of production
  3. I am not against the addition of the F-15c wich is 1986 and the F-16Cblock50 (1991) but I’m totally against the addition of the FA-18/C block 15 which I would like to remember is a 1992 (I think it’s even more recent but I’m not sure ) variant of the hornet :smilewink:
  4. I think that you should replace them by the L version, with the rockets and the 20mm gun, it would be better
  5. Best mission I’ve ever played too, lot of teamwork, a ton of people in the server, and the mission is soooo Cool, amazing work Alpen, thx
  6. Hey alpen, Can you make possible the deployment of MBT's on the new syria mission: Kiryat Shmona if it's possible, because like today, the mission is empty of all MBT after 3h of game without the possibilty to deploy more of them. Thanks !
  7. I think it would be a good map to start integrate more variety of grounds units, like the merkava or the Russian heavy rocket launcher (forgot the name), Sa-8 codename gecko, Sa-9 gaskin, Roland SAM launcher , leopard, LAV, VAB, challenger, bmp1, bmp3, t80, TOW humvee , leclerc , zsu-23 truck and static zsu23 And the Rapier, to bring the blue size to the same mid range Sam capabilities as the red side with the sa9 if you add it Can’t wait for the new FARP models that are coming with the Kiowa
  8. At least we have a release year :megalol::megalol::megalol:
  9. Some preparation flight on the Syria Map yesterday with Nellus ,conclusion : an amazing map, particularly for the helicopter and combined arms operations, lot of valley that are going to be the playground for some amazing dogfights and tank battles, protected Sam sites, lot of airfields with some protected shelters ( can we have the autorisation to bomb them Plz :-) ) really nice highways (roadbase here we come ) a lot of strategic objectives as warehouse, harbors, ammunition depot.... A lot of fun in perspective and the best Map in DCS by far
  10. Hey alpenwolf, is it possible to make the mission rotate after all the lake are captured on the mountain cries mission please, because i think that not a lot of people like this mission actually, i know it's the case for at least all the devils squadron, have you ever considered to remove it ?or change t a bit ? (less lakes, more units choice on the CTLD.....)
  11. I think that the blue team need more time to prepare for the B-52 escort on the open range mission cuz they are spawning a 30 000ft above the Maykop, maybe make them takeoff from the tomcat base at krasnodar, that would bring more importance to this escort, especially with the brand news tomact :-p
  12. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/717856453116821505/742786903908286514/Screenshot_20200617_212607_com.facebook.katana.jpg
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