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  1. Hi guys, I have just done another climb test with the latest flight model update. The results are very interesting! The original test was this and I have added the latest figures in BLUE: Reading in the NFM-400 performance manual you get the following data for a climb with these conditions: Engine = 408 Drag Index : 17.7 GW at start of climb : 22,000 lbs (7200 lbs of fuel) CLB Speed : 300 KCAS / .75 M Max thrust climb, this is 109% / 710 degrees C JPT for the -408 engine Test carried out in ISA conditions, winds calm
  2. The fix to get the lights to work was to put the lights in as a GROUND UNIT - FORTIFICATION, not as a static object. I read that fix on your other thread. Many thanks!
  3. That looks pretty good! Also the water isn't ridiculously dark like in DCS now.
  4. Plus the initial release was 2 weeks later than planned....
  5. Hi guys, I updated my Nvidia drivers on saturday and played DCS. Shut the pc down and then yesterday tried to start the pc up but windows will not boot. The error code is a SrtTrail.txt BSOD error. Automatic repair does not work and it keeps trying to reboot without success. I feel like a fresh reinstall of windows may be the only option. 1) has anybody had this error before? If so , how did you fix it? 2) through command prompt I can get access to my files and copy them onto a usb pen. I'm planning on copying: - DCS saved games folder - rs mapp
  6. I used to get this crash on loading a 2 and mission, every single time since I updated to 2.7 . Today I updated my Nvidia driver (to the one that came out yesterday) and have had not a single crash in 1 hour continuous mission loading. On top of that it seems that the super carrier mission CQ (instant mission , caucasus f14) seems to work smoother. Got a Reverb G1, 2080Super, 5900X CPU, 32 gb ram.
  7. Does anybody know what this means? it's on page 1 so probably way outdated. It's not a Reverb optimisation or anything like that is it?
  8. Chocks still in place?
  9. Oh man, that sucks. I guess it's too late to return the card? You could probably sell it and not lose too much money at the moment, the 2nd and GPU market is crazy right now. I was hoping to maybe buy a 6900XT but after reading numerous people's complaints I'm having 2nd thoughts.
  10. Any news on the issues you guys had? Are they solved now with the new drivers?
  11. if I set my Reverb to 60 hz it goes away and the gameplay is smooth but 60 hz gives me headaches (caused the screen flickering). 90 Hz I get that ghosting effect but it gets better when I switch reprojection to "forced always on". I have tried everything to improve my frametime but not making any progress.
  12. Hi guys, thinking of upgrading my 2080 super. Can't make up my mind whether to try and grab a 3080ti when (if?) they come out or try and get a 6900XT. I have AMD 5900X cpu so SAM should work with a 6900XT. Just wondering whether anybody here knows if SAM actually makes any difference for VR performance in DCS? I have a Reverb G1. Thanks!
  13. This! I have the exact same problem, it's like a "ghosting" effect on objects. It happens when I look sideways. I'm sure I didn't have this prior to 2.7. Also, the new clouds are a hog on my system. If I use the preset clouds of the top row I'm fine, any of the other ones and I notice significant stutters.
  14. Did you figure out what the problem was?
  15. Is anybody else having more crashes since installing the mod? DCS crashes whenever I try load a 2nd mission in mission editor(first mission loads and plays fine). Trying to figure out if it's the mod or something else?
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