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  1. :lol:Not sure that my track loaded. If not, I will need help doing that! Sorry guys!
  2. It's me again, and I started having trouble with the climbing and AI's crashing into each other. I will try another repair. I saved a track of mission 3 and will try and post. I could not climb and meet the bombers with the other 51's and I missed all the dogfighting. Hopefully ya'll will have some insight. If i need to post a track and a bug report. Could you point me in the right direction? Like I said before, I am a pilot, not a computer gamer. Any help is appreciated. I wonder if its my version of the 51? I am flying the 25D not the 30. MG.miz
  3. Thanks for th e help. I repaired my version of DCS AND THE PLANE FUNCTIONED like a charm!!!
  4. I’l try and play mission 2 again and send your the track. I’m in mission 3, new to gaming, not flying, actually have a private pilot’s license, how do I go back to another mission? Is there a way to skip ahead to other missions?
  5. I follow your checklist for start up. Latest version of “OB,” what exactly is this?
  6. Is there a way to “reload” the mustang? Maybe my copy is dysfunctional.
  7. Why do you think I’m having trouble with the climb? I seem to be doing the same as everyone else. What is your IAS during your climbs?
  8. Mission 2 is where I’ve had the AI’s crash into each other taxing to the runway. I climb with your exact setting with IAS 150-170, 500 ft/min climb but can’t reach 20K.
  9. Also, is it common for most of your AI flight to crash into each other before they take off? This has happened in a few occasions and I either fly with only one wingman or non at all. Lee
  10. Yes. I have done all that and still have trouble climbing. What are your settings for climbing to 20k, and do you reach that altitude before you see the coast of France. Also, I have this trouble on mission 7 navigation in the DCS P-51 campaign.
  11. I too have issues flying these campaign. I've flown the second mission several times, and still have trouble keeping up with the first flight. I've never been able to break 15K before I am over France. I trim out the plane, use my fuselage and drop tanks first, mixture in auto, coolant in manual, fly with MP 45-50, RPM's 2700. With those settings I can barely maintain 500-1000 fps VSI, with IAS 150-170. Trying to take off and climb I can barely keep the temps in the green and usually overheat the engine. It makes for a disappointing flight when you cant get to 20K and by the time you rea
  12. Hey guys thanks for the great input, as I am also having issues and will try all suggestions. Anyway, someone has a copy of the checklist referred to in #51&52? The link has expired. Thanks, Lee
  13. I run DCS throgh a desktop computer.
  14. Thank you so much! You are correct, this is a lot all at once. But I will get there. I will try your suggestions and will see how it goes. Also, I am flying the mustang, and no matter what I do I still overheat in a climb especially at high altitude. Do you think it is a bug with the Auto rads or a bug in the high altitude campaign. Or both? Lee
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