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  1. TacView is currently what you should be using. Some servers allow you to view your own recorded data 10 minutes after depicted events occurred. Other servers offer their own Tacview recordings online.
  2. SharkWizard


    The most advanced NATO MiG-29 is the Slovakian MiG-29AS I believe. There are a number of shots from 29AS cockpits online such as this one The G is basically as we can tell from its FC3 version just barely modified.
  3. Absolutely nice picture of this incredibly attractive plane. My wallpaper is a drawing/painting of a K from a similar aspect used by the chinese plastic model kit company Trumpeter on their MiG-29K plastic model kit.
  4. Completely agree even if its slightly slower, heavier and less maneuverable. Best looking plane and also my wallpaper
  5. MiG-29M 9.15 is such a beauty. Would be so nice if we had a ff (or even fc3) model of the plane in DCS. There is no chance of course. With a quadruplex analog fbw pitch control channel with no mechanical backups and triplex FBW roll and yaw control channels with mechanical backup it certainly would be a very different beast to fly compared to the 9.12 and 9.13 we got already. Unstable in pitch control like the Flanker and improved fuel economy to boost. Apparently it had a tv camera inside its IRST as well and could guide missiles to 4 targets at once. I'm guessing similarly how the
  6. I believe it was a simple flight model, predecessor of the Flaming Cliffs simple flight models which we had on the FC3 planes until they were improved with the current much much more advanced and complicated (to make/understand/program) flight model. I suspect if the current 29 flight model was modified with a dash of more lift and drag and a (8G max before things started to break) it would be far more accurate than the 2.5 model. Additionally the 2.5 MiG-29K (which was supposed to be the original 1980s version of course) had the cockpit of the 9.12 or 9.13 instead of
  7. So this is the thread I should have posted the F-102A, F-106A. Didn't notice the Korean War tag there. Also MiG-25. That plane would be nice to have in order to "jump" over the opposition and blow up their Awacs with 4xR-40s jump over them again and land to get more R-40s. Might be risky in case of an opposing F-15 amraam carrier on the way. But still it would be an enjoyable enterprise. Then of course Draken, finnish forest dwelling variant naturally.
  8. I'd say F-102A F-106A Fast, nimble and interesting™ missiles
  9. Don't forget that some of the stick movements are from the dampers which not only affect the flight surfaces but move the stick as well so the pilot can feel where the surfaces are moving. Something which we don't have in DCS (the damper effected stick movement).
  10. Interestingly enough we could have western sources for (all the) data on the standard Soviet 9.12 (non-9.12A or 9.12B) since Slovakia apparently bought a few of those (soviet 9.12) from Russia in the 90s. Additionally the US bought quite a few (soviet) 9.13 from Moldova in the 90s. Maybe this has all been mentioned already in this topic but I didn't notice.
  11. Hope I'm on the correct section of the forums. I just noticed L-39 was not discounted while many much newer modules were. Was that intentional?
  12. Interesting. Then the situation is going to get worse for the FC3 9.12 pilot because I fully expect ED to fix those problems eventually. Still just pressing the ecm button(s) is simpler than notching using the SPO-15. So just maybe it may improve overall SA for the 9.12 pilot?
  13. Yes I completely agree and but I also expect DCS to get more realistic in this field as time passes. And if the Talisman can give a 9.12 pilot a slightly better chance to get into visual range against 4+ generation fighters even if its radar is completely out of action I expect it would/could improve its chances in the online AMRAAM shootouts. Because at least nowadays those jamming F/A-18s online mess up my radar/home-on-jamming tactics completely. I however expect the biggest question is whether its too legally ambiguous for ED. (Another thing I ha
  14. Well, it has an IRST for those cases it can't burn through the jamming.
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