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  1. Could you (I couldn't script my way out of a wet paper bag) set it so that sustaining a speed beyond X below Y altitude (or better yet, just sustaining above Z IAS regardless of altitude) will cause the aircraft to be destroyed, rather than an instant killswitch if they pass the desired speed? That way you have a warning when it passes the speed, maybe with a nice appropriately "oh no my plane's structure isn't happy" sound file attached to get their attention, but it only pops them when they continue doing it for more than say 10-15 seconds? As for limiting the Viggen's loadout...
  2. The Rb 24 is just an AIM-9B, and the R-3S is not a straight copy but rather a copy of the airframe and "brains" but with a Soviet indigenous seeker and motor, both better than the original article. I haven't tested the 24 but if it behaves like the 9B, it will not begin turning until the motor burns out - you need about 1-1.5km of spacing or it will just go ballistic and miss the target. The fact it won't turn until the motor burns out makes it look like it's gone dud off the rail, but sure enough, you can see the tiny dot manoeuvring afterwards. Also not sure if it's modelled, but
  3. It is. AO and Mugga run aerobatics servers with boatloads of mods on and you can join without all of them regardless of IC, the technique Dirt Merchant posted presumably works just as well for other mods as it does for the Skyhawk. Alpen - are the SAM sites live/covered by anything else, out of curiosity? The one time I flew a strike against them on Swedish Delivery I ballsed up my weapons management (2ikea4me) and ended up having to take them out with dumb-fired Sidewinders. I don't think I ever took ground fire during the whole attack run, not sure if that was intended behaviour
  4. Like a fighter It feels like it doesn't quite have the nose authority of the 21 or F-5, but it can pull its nose and while it still beasts both of those in sustained turn rate, it's easier to stay within the right speed band now. You don't immediately lose all your speed and fall out of the sky like you used to, it'll still punish bad flying but is much more forgiving than it was before. You don't have to dread split-S manoeuvres anymore as (like the 21) it needs surprisingly little room to make them. All in all it's a huge improvement, it feels absolutely wonderful to fly and co
  5. Ideally, the mod would become a full module (it easily has the quality to do so IMO) but the creators have taken the stance that they want it to remain not only free, but also open to the community without any locked/encrypted files. I get why they've taken that stance, but by doing so it kind of dooms the mod to become a plaything for smaller organised MP or SP - which is a real shame, but it is what it is. It was made by members of a primarily PvE community after all, and seems most widely adopted by the SP community who make much more scripted and study-level missions for it than we have he
  6. Because they're going to join the server and play it how they want to play it, whether or not that's enjoyable for the rest of us. Again, this is a public server, not some insular community run for a squadron made up of 40-somethings who all get together to play co-op PvE after work. You have to account for the playerbase you have, not the one you want, because as long as the server remains public, the one you want will only ever make up part of your actual server. To elaborate, though, on the A-4 specifically for Dirt Merchant, here's what will happen: People will j
  7. I'm overly dug in because of previous experience. Assuming that even half of the players on the server ever read this thread or particularly care to preserve the intended gameplay is a mistake.
  8. SRS updates are usually backwards-compatible, and when they aren't, it's usually pretty easy to figure out the problem. Not so if someone has forgotten to update the A-4 - they might not even realise, much less anyone else. In a PvP environment, that leads to potential problems. If I didn't have good reason to expect endless headaches from adding the mod, I'd be all for it - but it's a bit deeper than "people should read the briefings in a study sim". This is a PvP server, maybe half or even less of the people on it "study" anything. I occasionally skim the flight manuals if I need
  9. I should note that I absolutely love the mod and have been itching to fly it in MP, I just think we shouldn't rush into adding it. Maybe a single mission at first to test the waters, see how it goes. At any rate you're going to need to signpost the hell out of it, maybe "now with Community A-4E mod" in the server name and then a huge "HEY GO DOWNLOAD THE A-4E MOD'S LATEST VERSION HERE IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT" at the top of the briefing/periodically posted into chat. We might all be regulars and might know what's going on, but it's pretty obvious from the daily "why can't I spawn my Tomcat" questi
  10. The problem isn't allowing people to join without it, the problem is what happens when they do. Players without the mod will see a Su-27 (possibly without textures), a much larger aircraft with much larger hitboxes, performing like a Skyhawk. Players who don't regularly update the mod may have issues getting features to work, or there may be bugs or missing features that have since been fixed in newer versions (particularly FM and DM related) which could turn out to give an unfair advantage. I don't know if integrity checks will trigger on modified files for an external mod, but that could als
  11. Less, I think. As in lowered "hitpoints" of components. That'd be my guess, anyway.
  12. Whatever the cause is, it's in Kareli. Agara is fine, but as soon as you look towards the middle of Kareli (especially from the north) it chugs, even my new PC struggles with it but my old one would just lock up. I don't know what it is but it's only been noticeable to me for maybe 6-12 months. Before that, the mission ran fine even on the old PC, which was pretty close to the minimum for DCS.
  13. Worth note that the flap auto-retraction happens in stages at a certain speed, but as currently modelled, the flaps are blown back up proportional to airspeed - so that also affects the margin of error a bit.
  14. I've heard people report this (and other bizarre issues I've never been able to reproduce) for a while. I do wonder if there's some way the files can get a bit hokey without fully breaking the module, and without reaching the point where the repair tool spots the error. So far it's either this or the RSBN channels going skynet, and I've never experienced either.
  15. Speaking of switching up CTLD units, is there any possibility of switching the red JTAC from the SKP to something drivable, like a UAZ or something? Occasionally the AI isn't very cooperative with regards to waypoints and it can be difficult to get it to go where you need it, while blue can just manually wrangle theirs over. Now, using SKP-11s to set up roadbases as their real-life function was... e/ There are a few missions where a section of B-52s attack if certain objectives are complete (Open Range is one, Catch Me If You Can is another, and
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