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  1. The internal cannon sound is shared with a bunch of modules including MiG-29, Su-27, and Mirage 2000 - I think it just references a common soundfile in the LUA. I know the external gun sound does that (and mysteriously enough, uses the same sound as the Gazelle's 20mm cannon - so does the Mirage). I put in a bug report about the latter, so hopefully before too long it can be switched over to the sound the UPK-23-250 pods use as it's the same weapon.
  2. As long as it's a different airbase - mostly thinking of the missiles, to avoid another Shiraz situation. Batumi should work just fine, maybe people can ferry back and forth a bit - slows down the reinforcement rate, kind of like the long ferry flight on Battle for Sukhumi.
  3. This bug's about a year or so old, maybe a little more - I first noticed it a year ago, anyway. It doesn't happen 100% of the time, but it happens regularly enough to be a severe headache in MP environments. There's another thread with videos as well. Really hoping it can be fixed soon, IMO of the utmost priority as it ruins everyone's experience rather than just the person flying about with no wings. The module really needs some of the love it's been missing out on while the 14A was in dev.
  4. Nice to have our radars working as intended again, finally... Are the 29s in When The Mountains Cry flying from Senaki, with the Su-25s?
  5. Not everything is "DOA" because new renders aren't posted every week, dude.
  6. Upon trying to tune the ARK the other day I found the frequency selectors and tuning crank clickable/scrollwheel functions did not work at all. I just reproduced it now, trackfile attached - I can't get keybinds to work for the tuning and frequency band selector functions, either. I didn't think to try it until afterwards so it's not in this trackfile. MiG-19 ARK tuning.trk
  7. No pilot animation for as long as I've been playing DCS (~2.5 years). Not sure if it's a longstanding bug or not, maybe there'll be a replacement pilot model with continuing art upgrades to the module? I seem to recall that a VR pilot body was on the cards, so perhaps that'll bring a different model with some animations with it.
  8. I've never understood why (non-VR) people turn them off... even on my potato of a PC the difference in framerate is unnoticeable and the utility of being able to see behind you is enormous... at least in aircraft with useful mirrors. The F-5's are horrible I still fly with them out of habit, though.
  9. I can't edit a mission someone else is running on a multiplayer server.
  10. I know you said quite sure, but are you really sure? Because I can absolutely tell you that you feel the lack of thrust in both and they will stall and attempt to enter a spin quite merrily if you pull the stick to your guts.
  11. I'm still kind of strongly in favour of the 25T and Ka-50 going totally - along with Sidearms and maybe a reduction in TV-guided stuff in general. It'd make air to ground a little more challenging (and IMO, it's more satisfying to learn to deliver dumb weapons accurately anyway). For anyone worrying about blue lacking an attack helicopter when the Mi-24 hits... don't worry too much, it's not an attack helicopter so much as a flying IFV. Think of it as a rotary-wing Su-25 but with SACLOS ATGMs instead of laser-guided missiles; its only magnified optic is the purely optical (!!!!) pe
  12. I haven't noticed this happening with the 21 on my end, but it is a common problem I've seen reported with other modules over time. Does this occur every time you lose your wing, or only sometimes?
  13. Yeah, I was thinking of it as a jet-specific thing rather than for the whirlybirds. In an ideal world, helicopters would have to fly supplies of missiles in to keep it stocked, but again I'm not sure how much of that is possible within the existing scripts.
  14. I upgraded to the newest Nvidia drivers (from 438.16) last week. Flushed FXO, metashaders2 of course. The flashes are absolutely constant in the WWII instant action missions - every few seconds as soon as combat starts - and less common but still present with jets. SP or MP, no difference. The amount of combat and particularly burning/crashing/exploding aircraft seems directly proportional to the flashes. In the usual missions I play, the frequency is the same as it has been for months; in these WWII bomber intercept missions it's much worse. It's not related to map or aircraft typ
  15. I don't know how configurable CTLD is so tell me if I'm huffing paint here - but would it be possible to make something like fuel truck + ammo truck + SKP-11 + command van = invisible FARP, maybe with something like an orange or green smoke to mark it or some kind of light beacon? Making it take 3+ units to build would make it a significant time/effort investment, but it could add some interesting dynamics to a few of the missions - you choose either more ground units/air defence, or a jet-capable FARP somewhere closer to the target or in an area less prone to attack (in missions where airfiel
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