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  1. "Other things which would be great if they got implemented are the ADF function of the ARC-159 or an overheating of the systems when the air source is set to off. I know things like these are not so spectaculate like a new plane but in my opinion they would give the F-14 even more depth and are also important." +1
  2. I was reading about the Block 40 due to seeing a picture of the wide angle HUD and being intrigued about it and I saw that the Block 40 has terrain following radar. Does the F-16 Block 50 have terrain following radar though?
  3. I've found some interesting real life examples for skins:
  4. The Tornado is freaking awesome and I will definitely purchase it if it gets developed.
  5. H6 or Su-30MKK would be amazing... both aircraft are something users want: a large bomber and a Flanker.
  6. Can you even turn on the jammer in the F-14 if you're flying with just Jester? It never lets me switch to the RIO seat in flight in multiplayer.
  7. Two things. 1. The videos reach less of an audience if they are not monetized. The YouTube algorithm gives the videos less priority when they are not monetized. 2. YouTube now puts ads on videos whether they are monetized or not.
  8. It's not about about whether I took the day off work or not. The reality is Heatblur is bad at communication. I'm not talking about you personally, but in general. You can write a wall of text and post great information about an upcoming update, but what's the point of writing something is delayed two and a half hours before it's supposed to be released? It was two and a half hours since the original Heatblur post and the patch release. What is also the point of release dates, when they are always missed? Every single time you all do this, my resentment builds up even more. This is why I'm rea
  9. It doesn't. This is the internet, I'm anonymous, your a stranger, and probably a foreigner to me as well. I AM entitled, to my opinion that is. Them making a high quality product does not make them immune to criticism. I lost a lot of money taking the day off to enjoy the "massive F-14 patch". Not to mention I've been complaining for almost a decade to them about how they are late every single time with everything ranging from previews, updates, to actual releases. We didn't need pictures and a wall of text for them to communicate the update wasn't dropping today. They could have said a
  10. More like another two months. I don't know why they bother to even put out dates anymore, after 7 years they've demonstrated it will never be out when they say it will be out 100% of the time. You know, I actually wouldn't have been mad if they could have bothered to say something beforehand. They put this out like 5 hours before patch release, like wtf. They've known for days the F-14A wasn't coming today, they weren't going to fix serious issues in a couple of hours.
  11. Yes, you can find all that information on this site with locations plotted on a map complete with West and East German borders. https://www.mil-airfields.de/germany/german-air-force-air-bases.html
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