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  1. Thanks for your help jonny, I use only stream deck. All the points I have done before I startet with your profiles. Except to check the export connection. Now I have changed the BIOS.config with the DCS comms. But with no luck. The DCS Interface cannot connect with the DCS. The Modules from Exportscript will do. Very strange. Thanks again for help.
  2. Im very new to the stream deck. I have installed the DCS Bios and the streamdeck-dcs-interface (with DSC export script) In the export.lua is only the path to dsc.bios. But none of your profiles will work for me. I get this error: DCS module not detected. Check that DCS mission is running, there is a .lua script for the module within "DCS-ExportScript\ExportsModules\", and the port settings above match those in "DCS-ExportScript\Config.lua" The exportmodules will work. What is going wrong? Thanks for help.
  3. I have the same issue, but I found that the Frenchpack V4 causes this error for me. Delete it and DSC start without problems.
  4. F4, F104 and F105 work for me other not tested.
  5. Die EA6B als KI gibt es übrigens hier, ist ein sehr ansprechendes Modell.
  6. INSTALLATIONS: Users / Your name / Save game / DCS / Mods / aircraft Good flight and good missions. Maybe it would be a good idea to update the read.me.
  7. Mit der Steam-Version kenne ich mich nicht aus. Aber hast Du den Mod denn unter User/Save Games/DCSxxxx/Mods/Tech/ installiert? (DCSxxx steht für deine Version).
  8. VPC Object aktivieren, Schalter bei installiert nach rechts.
  9. Narrow-minded and selfishly thought, you forget the "Combined Arms" people who might be interested in the supercarrier.
  10. That's true, but there are also tools where you can determine which telemetry data you want to pass on at all. For example, I use O&O Shutup 10, it's a free tool.
  11. Crazy idea. A su 33 on a us carrier that sounds like desertion and is punished with death before the court martial. Father Wladimir Wladimirowitsch won't be pleased.
  12. I think this is clear enough: "We will no longer be supporting Windows 7. Users who do not want not to change their operating system can still enjoy DCS World 2.5.6. However, new updates will not be available. In order to attend to your needs more diligently, please download the latest version. "
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