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  1. I tested last night with a friend flying formation through a cloud. Density seems to be gradual, so on the outer layer of the cloud I was progressively losing visual on him. I spotted him only through his blinking position light from 100m away once we were in the thicker part of the cloud. He lit the burner and I could see it as well. I haven’t tried shooting IR missiles at someone entering a cloud but it should lose track. Big exception if the burner is on, which will force pilots to be really disciplined... entering a cloud without turning off the burner is not enough in many ins
  2. Change presets. I tried "Broken 7" yesterday, and whilst the bottom is mostly flat, the top is definitely not - and there is a second, much more broken, layer on top around 30,000ft. Around 15,000ft you get to weave you way through different heights of clouds with the bottom layer underneath. No cumulonimbus yet, but it is not as flat as you describe. The quality question seems to be in 2D as well ; a friend who is in the closed beta and plays with them for a few weeks already told me he keeps the clouds on low as he cannot see the difference. The jittering/wobbling is
  3. IR will be blocked by dense clouds, so unless you fly burner on in a small cloud the seeker should lose you. However radar can see through most clouds, depending on their density as well. Storm clouds will block radar, but we won't have those for now. There are a lot of factors like humidity & temperature which can have an effect on sensors and detection ranges... All of which is to say that it makes air-to-air warfare immensely more interesting for us simmers. Something to look forward to once they implement it later on.
  4. That's great news! Thanks a lot, I look forward to continue this campaign amongst new clouds.
  5. Did you try to increase your GAMMA setting for this mission? It can easily turn things from very dark to very bright, and help a lot if your current setting is too dark.
  6. It was poorly worded on my part. What I wanted to say was that non-protected ships can be hit with different weapons, like heavy bombs, to somehow mitigate the issue (it is still there, I agree). A defended warship cannot be attacked in such a way, anti ship missiles are the primary weapon for that, so it is a shame that they are so useless. But in general the final fix will be the new DM for ships...
  7. I don't think anyone was complaining about damage to non-protected ships. Ships with CWIS and anti-aircraft missiles, like AEGIS cruisers and destroyers or their russian counterparts, are impossible to get close to for gun runs. If you throw a nice coordinated attack with long-range missiles from multiple azimuts, you can overwhelm their defences. The complaint is that, if you do that, and somehow one or two missiles get through, they barely make a dent into the ship rendering the whole thing pretty pointless. Same for bombs: either you are on top of a defenseless ship to be able to lase conti
  8. Fair point, but is there a possibility to consider this a "temporary" fix until the DM for ships arrives? I know the work you are doing on the DM is taking time and I respect that. I think ED did a fantastic job on the WW2 DM and I enjoy it immensely. But let's be fair: DM for ships is probably quite a ways off. If I remember well, the next big milestone for the new DM is jets, and there is a fair few of them to go through... In the meantime, the Viggen can do actual anti-ship missions without feeling like you are throwing rotten fruits at a brick wall. For sure, the missile damage
  9. Yes, basically. You can have both at the same time (if you have enough disk space), or you can switch between release and open beta. Two ways to do it: command prompt or this handy piece of software. Using release or OB is not a choice, you don't have to be on one side or the other. If OB is not buggy and provides updates that you don't want to wait for (like, hmm, I don't know... clouds? ), you can use it, if a new OB-update introduces game-breaking bugs you can revert to release... No reason to be anxious about it. @cfrag: that's an excellent point. I think the onl
  10. No, complete silence. I also did not get any reply from the ATC on channel D when coming in to land. Basically, I was in a bubble. This is the first mission where this happens to me, I play 5x per week, SP/MP, different missions... never had this before. I triple-checked that the radio was on, also checked my bindings, but I just had no communication ability. I could hear messages on each channel, but not transmit (I could select a message like "Engage bandits" and I would hear it ingame, but no answer). Could be something weird with DCS code, as long as it doesn't happen in every mission I'm
  11. Now that's a very sexy idea! Looking forward to it!
  12. Hi @Reflected, I played this mission twice (first time I got scorched by the Bf109's) and both times my team mates are not responding. I am using real coms. I tried all 4 com channels, asking to rejoin then to engage bandits, never received the response on any channels A to D (I tried each channel in sequence, waiting 20sec for a response before trying the next channel). On channel A I could hear some automatic coms (like "Springfield 32 visual on AAA, 168 at 4"). However never got a response. The AI team mates were not engaging, they were flying behind me (approx. 1km
  13. I agree with some of that, sure. However most modules in DCS are in early access, even the 4-year-old Viggen, and they still have campaigns included. An "early" early access, something like Hornet or Viper at launch? Sure, too many things will change. However a "late" early access, where what is added is secondary, i.e. it does not add major capabilities to the airframe and just expands or corrects existing one? At that point in time, there is no reason NOT to make a campaign for the module. The Hornet campaign was probably made too early in the module's development. I hope they also wait
  14. Not to mention: how many SME's are out there to provide actual feedback about the Comanche? Look at the Apache, despite having quite a lot of info (not as much as Mi-24 acc. to Wags, but still) ED asked for SME's to make sure they can provide a true-to-life replication of the Apache flight characteristics. How do you provide the same level of fidelity with a prototype helicopter that wasn't finalized in any way, and where only a handful of people flew it IRL?
  15. It could be. However let us not fool ourselves: ED has not put any emphasis on single player campaigns so far on many of their modules, they seem to understand that it is a requirement to have at least one, but they don't really try to make it a benchmark in terms of storytelling, exploiting the capabilities of the module, etc. Compared to what some third parties (Heatblur and Razbam come to mind based on the modules I own), and of course to DLC campaigns, ED so far has not really pushed the envelope in terms of SP content for their modules. They also have some constraints (like only using one
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