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  1. Qiou87

    DCS 2.7

    I don't see how fog would not get an update as fog is basically a cloud layer on the ground. If they've worked on the volumetric clouds, it should translate rather well to fog. The dynamic aspect (for example low clouds/fog in the morning that dissipate as the sun is rising) might not be there on 2.7 though, I believe the dynamic weather comes later in their roadmap. What I am particularly excited about is precipitation, and especially the fact that it can rain under certain clouds and not near it, or have a storm cloud with heavy rainstorm that you would need to avoid and fly arou
  2. That video pushes three important points not discussed here: - the availability of the aircraft: stealth means more maintenance that normal planes, so planes are less available. In a high-intensity fight, which is what the US seems to be gearing up towards, having 10 or 20% more availability can mean one more sortie here and there, and in fine help to win critical momentum. I don't think anyone expects the F-35 to be developed only to drop JDAMs on non-suspecting idiots with AK-47s. - one plane type is easier to counter for an adversary than multiple ; for example if China develops a
  3. That's just a mistake in the product page. Syria has been available on stable since early october. They push OB to stable every 3-4 months, at that point both versions remain the same for a few weeks. Then they push new features to OB, try to fix the bugs... and the cycle continues. Stable will most probably get an update to the latest 2.5.6 OB right before moving to 2.7 in OB, so I'm guessing sometime in March. If nothing else than because they are "leaving behind" Windows 7, so some customers refusing to update might be stuck with 2.5.6 for a while.
  4. I mostly agree with what you say, but 6-9 months is a gross exageration. You don't need to exagerate here to make your point, everyone know the shortcomings of the current system. But stable gets an update every ~3 months on average (at least in 2020). So the newest stuff waits on average 1-2 months until it is on stable (because new stuff is released over a few OB updates, and never right after a stable update). I know because I use stable. I actually don't mind to wait and let people work out the bugs for me. I play ~1h per day, to have fun, not to make bug reports. I am sometime
  5. Getting an annoying bug in Liberation: when I setup a CAS flight, they engage max. 1 unit on the ground before RTB. I checked the mission editor and they are supposed to attack all targets within 40km. The JTAC is designating a target but each flight will only attack one unit before RTB. If I setup 4x flights of 1 aircraft they will attack 4 targets. I am using a late cold war scenario, A-10A for CAS, they RTB with plenty of ordinance under the wings. Tried in Syria and PG maps, same result. Other mission types (CAP, Strike, SEAD, etc.) are working as intended. I am using Liberatio
  6. I hate that I love the Hornet so much. I keep wanting to fall in love with other jets, but I always come back. It looks great, the cockpit is very nice for VR with big screens, and it sounds really awesome from outside. Best sounding jet in DCS right now, imho. It is also a lot of fun around the boat, and it is just so capable for every mission... Great job ED. I look forward to the last few updates until it makes it to "release" status. Just know this Hornet is now the measuring stick by which every other module will be evaluated.
  7. Why do you think he requested the winter textures? We obviously need this, if only to let creative guys like @Reflected regale us with well made campaigns in the cold harsh winter of northern France & south-east England.
  8. Depending where you are, AMD is actually more expensive (perf/money spent) right now due to shortages, compared to Intel. This is also because current Intel chips are at the end of the shelf life, new Intel 11th gen is coming next month in theory. I wouldn't go for the 5800X in a limited budget for DCS. Right now, the 5800X is completely under-utilized by DCS and will perform the same as a 5600X. Going for an Intel i5-10600K would also be a solid backup if it is cheaper and easier to find than a 5600X. Single core performance is the most important point for DCS right now, and even
  9. For the Amiens prison to make sense as a scenario, don't we need timer-fused bombs and ricochet physics as well? The Mosquito attack on that prison was performed that way (low level, bombs on timers ricocheting on the frozen ground). Otherwise it is damn-near impossible to hit precisely at the base of the walls with just impact fuses. I do find this idea totally sexy though, especially with the Mosquito coming this year.
  10. Why are you mixing everything up? Ugra Media is the developer of Syria. They did not promise anything, when the map released last summer, they stated if sales were good enough they would consider to add Cyprus. This was not a promise, just a "hope" - which you can choose not to believe, that is fair. Since then, later in 2020, they confirmed that they were in fact expanding the Syria map with Cyprus and more bases in Turkey as well. And we have been able to see Cyprus is already WIP because Wags flew over it in his last Hornet videos on Youtube. In DCS time I think this is actually
  11. Thank you for your feedback. Did you do a proper driver cleaning when switching from nVidia to AMD? It could also be one of the reasons for poor performance. Regarding power consumption, the new high-end cards consume a lot more power. RTX3080 will easily exceed 300W under load, RTX3090 even worse (350W), with spikes over 450W for both. A friend of mine with a quality 650W PSU had shutdowns under load with a 3080 due to those... So yeah, the new cards are hungry.
  12. Task Force Challenger was a big disappointment for me. Not very challenging, but not interesting either. It was made at a time where the Hornet couldn't do much, and as such you don't actually learn so much. To start I'd think Rising Squall is the better bet, it seems to be especially geared towards people not overly confident in the jet. Serpent's Head 1 & 2 are fun and not too challenging. I'd have no issue recommending you to play them afterwards. Raven One is "realistic", but I didn't find it particularly hard to complete successfully. You need to kn
  13. Qiou87

    Syria map?

    It could be your system RAM. I am not saying it needs more, but I certainly see DCS use/reserve more. On my system, just freeflight in Syria (Reverb G2 VR) FPSVR will report 26GB of RAM used (out of 32GB). I could confirm this using the system performance monitor (integrated in W10). So with 24GB maybe you are limited? Also: I had to use "low" terrain textures, otherwise I would get stutter (it could be due to VRAM in this case, but I am not sure so don't quote me on that, I only have 8GB of VRAM). Doesn't look to bad on low. Try setting the ground textures to low, it c
  14. Yes, i agree, I have seen the same benchmarks. Ampere seem to perform better than RDNA2 at higher resolutions, and in the end that is mostly what we want in VR for example. I have also seen specific VR benchmarks on a number of games that showed the same (Ampere > RDNA2). My only concern with VRAM is to not be limited, like I am now, to low terrain textures in Syria or to have stutter in the Channel map when close to buildings. I am personnally not sure about what is the best choice for DCS, I am not coming here with any preconceived idea, I am genuinely trying to gather informa
  15. In the end you have to find what works for you ; 50% (76% effective) is great for me, much better than my Rift S with 140% SS (real) and similar smoothness. There is some weird stuff going on there with WMR and SteamVR, for sure. I just wanted to point out that 100% in SteamVR might not be the ultimate goal if it is already over the headset's "optimal" resolution. I tend to value smoothness more than pure graphics, but we each have our preferences.
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