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  1. Hi i just Can't Get it to work maybe im dumb but could someone please Explain how to install this mod Thanks
  2. Well i don't even have internet most of the time i am playing dcs i just shut my wifi off as we don't have fast internet and other people don't like me slowing it down. And it shows when it is downloading updates if it is not it shows up-to-date.
  3. Well thanks i have both dcs and windows on a 500gb nvme but before i had it on a 217 gb ssd and it did it to as for my gpu i do not know if its bad because it runs the screens just fine. Some people say its wrong drivers. I really dont know just trying to het it running right.. Thanks
  4. Well windows is fully up to date and i pause windows updates every time i fly so i dont think its that it all most seems to overwork the gpu and then crash but my moniters are still on and the computer is working fine just the headset goes black and says display port discontented or sometimes usb discontented also my gpu temps stay at 135-140°f and my cpu stays at 95 to 110°f so i cant see it overheating. Thanks for everyones help
  5. Hi i am running oculus rift s with a amd 8350 at 4.4ghz and an gtx1060 6gb About 10 min in to about any bigger campaign or mission the headset goes black and it says usb disconnected or display port disconnected. Its really weird as it only seems to do it on a big mission and not a small one most times sometimes it does it on a small one but its rare. Also my gpu is running at 90 percent and then after it goes black on the same mission its only at 40 percent use unless you restart the computer than everything works fine till it goes black again.
  6. I have the same problem but everything is set right like you said to do and it still gets stuck at 10 percent.
  7. Anyone eles getting better fps id only when i am away from any airports but in the city it gets the same as in the country but at the air ports it goes to shit in fps. When im at the airport it goes bad fps but what stinks is my gpu just goes to 20 percent load when im in the county it goes to 50to 80 percent load and it deferent in defferent planes.
  8. In single player at least for me i dont have enough internet to play multi player
  9. I only have had the p51 d mustang work and it gets 40 fps in any nomal misson but any of my jet fighters get bad fps the hornet f86 sabare dcs needs to fix
  10. The only thing thats works in mine is the p51 mustang
  11. It is very stupid why when I press the pause button my gpu goes back to 80 percent use when unpaused it's only at 20 percent use and 10 frames per second it only does it when there is more than one object on the map it's ridiculous.
  12. Yeah it has to be dcs because I have xplane 11 and it runs fine
  13. I am having the same problem I used to get decent frames per second and now only flying a p51 with nothing on the map it's at about 20 fps what is funny is my graphics card in only at 20 percent load and not at 80 or 90 like it should be what is even funnier is when I pause the game my graphics card goes to 80 or 90 percent use and my frame rates go back to 40 fps I would like some advice.
  14. Not loading Hi this has to do with oculus rift s When I try to open dcs in any form vr or not it gets to 10% and will not load any more When I repair the dcs file using did repair it will open 1 time and then it will go back to the same thing. Just wondering what to try. Thanks
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