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  1. The F-5E is a light fighter whom can beat all 3rd generation fighters,as well the 4th ones ( specially the JF17 ).
  2. For the moment I have not seen any of this : Human F5 pilot Vs human JF17 pilot. I am not sure, the shit made in China will be the winner.
  3. In real AN/ARC-164 radio, A is used to enter the active mode, i.e., anti-jamming, frequency hopping mode. T is used to receive Time-of-day, to sync the time, which is used for active mode. In DCS, T acts as 1, enabling to use the frequencies in 1xx MHz range, which can't be used on real radio (UHF only, 255-399MHz). I don't think A has any function.
  4. ??????? !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I saw it, but the problem is always an AI in the JF. I would like to see pilot Vs pilot.
  6. I do not have any. I am a real pilot whom use the true simulators ( A330/A320 ). I like the F-5E and want to see it to splash the modern F-5, I mean the JF17. If you find a friend on the F-5 and do a fight , I would like to see it.
  7. I am looking for the documents, US navy pilot interviews and pictures about the radar less US Navy ( Marines ) F-5E/F.
  8. All the F-5E used by the Navy ( Marines ) don t have a radar. Only those bought from Swiss are equipped.
  9. Can you organise a fight ( gunnery or F2) between a F5 and a JF17 ( from the F5 perspective ) ?
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