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  1. I'd have to say MI-24, it's honestly got the feel of weight that it should have. It's monstrous and if you learn to fly it, you feel that you've accomplished something. Just hovering around the pad is satisfying. I've got them all and I just simply fell in love with the 24.
  2. You stated that you, yourself, had troubles in the past running multiple versions. So that might continue for you. I have run (quite a while ago) 3 versions and all had there own save game folders. From memory I remember having to do some editing in the registry. (something about each install being named beta, release and stable)
  3. I think shaders are automaticly deleted now. I checked the saved games FXO folder and they were all dated today, (before 1st 2.7 startup) * Unless I deleted them a few days ago, getting ready for the Big Patch.
  4. Yes, since the beggining of DCS history, and I STILL am not sure of it. Thats why I searched out this thread. Some day I will remember that it's backwards.
  5. Remember the "Magic" of going into a game store and seeing a new MICROPROSE title?! Janes Longbow, loved escorting tanks, providing cover in the Apache.
  6. Who said, "not much is being fixed" ? This patch is a marvelous "catch up"!
  7. I'm becoming confused here, I've been using 7zip for years to unzip .zip files. Whats the cryptic meaning of the 7zip conspiracy?
  8. took a while to find this secretive creature updated to 1.1, but finally found it, Must be a no-no to give url, so I guess I won't either.
  9. Hope this works (pic post) I'm not running the release version, it's been updated to latest beta version. Other mods are working.
  10. I remember the 1st version of this. It worked fine for me. this version and the last one does not work for me at all, isn't even recognized by DCS openbeta. Nothing has been blocked (someone mentioned the .dll being blocked) I've got the Edge 540 working (in saved games folder) and have use the Community A4 in the past. Guess I'll have to wait for another advancing version.
  11. I like phenomenal textures, BUT, I love frame/rate and systems, Moreso... systems, FM and framerate!
  12. This is remarkable, roll rate is "dizzyfying". So far, for me, takeoff without cheating is a toss up. I can't bear to Boost seat way up or zoom way out to see runway. Thankfully, as of yet, damage is relaxed. I can't see anyone complaining about sense of speed in this thing. Thanks for letting us take a gander at it!
  13. Jason, you could just un-install all things DCS and then, apparently, your life would be so much more enjoyable. Just a polite suggestion, I don't wish to see anyone misereable.:(
  14. I bought 3 of these a couple of years ago, I had knocked the throttle off of stand - and guess what it landed on? https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/100SP3T8B13M1QE/100SP3T8B13M1QE-ND/3777894 I don't remember any problems with replacing it
  15. Well sir, I'm a gonna check this out, thanks for the idea. Maybe I can smooth it out a bit.
  16. Is this with extension or without extension?
  17. Dont understand where you found the cockpit arguments / External model ARG list? I have that nowhere.
  18. You have just witnessed the danger of fake news.
  19. So at the present, does DCS use the concept that most should know about, "Bubble". This helps with frame rate problems. That's the main reason why (un-named sim) can run a full time war in the background and can be run with perfectly acceptable frame rates.
  20. What a point to dwell on, gee, here's one other that you might put me on "list for.... I own 99% of planes offered and I only fly regularly about 3 of them. So I'm paying a lot of hanger rent, that offers me absolutely no return.... and I'm grinning about it.
  21. Hav, been a while since I last used UTC11 pro, along the way I've lost measurments for setting up in opentrack, and the url I had in messaging center no longer works. Could I maybe get those setup measurements one more time??
  22. I applaud you Skunk Cabbage for continuing to win life. One can not give up, continuing to strive is such an inspiration to those around you. Not only to those around you but for yourself. Daily victories are paramount. I myself have had Crohn's disease for over 40 years and have had to fight daily and I know how continuing to carry on (regardless of any distress) encourages others around you (you are a blessing to others). I pray that you continue in your fight to keep active.
  23. jimcarrel


    It's mildly humorous to consider that most in this thread have not been involved in flying WW1 sims. Never, did I see complaints about lack of trim in those early planes, from users (yes it was a bit of pain, after an hour or so it was a lot of pain). To my knowledge, the I-16 only had an hour or less of fuel, still the real world pilots were quite fatigued after their sortie. Most DCS users are picky about realism and that is the way this model has been built. It's the prerogative of developers whether or not to make a game-mode model. If that is what you want - find a way to ask them about it. I see no reason to have people line up and have verbal contests over it.
  24. I own all but 2. Still today, about 1/2 of them, I can't complete a successful take off. A couple have not even been fired up. I'm simply an idiot, and addicted to supporting DCS. Maybe when I can get the Cobra, I will achieve adulthood.
  25. Destruction of key bindings after updates are not specific only with DCS. It happens in a lot of programs and it's even worse in programs like Star Citizen. It simply comes with the territory. It's analogous to the proverbial "S, S and S(have)" in morning preps for the day.
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