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  1. Sorry, but I'm not looking to get rid of it even if I do go with VR (which looks unlikely at this point, so I would want to use the TR5 myself in DCS). I'll keep that in mind as I test this out. I just read somewhere that DCS doesn't really use multithreading that well, which means CPU speed is still a major factor for performance!
  2. And there's the question about where this influx of new subscribers will come from, in sufficient quantity to make the subscription model work? That's assuming they don't get a mass exodus of current players due to getting stabbed in the back by going subscription! And if there was this untapped resource of tens of thousands of new players, why not get them in on the current pay-for model which is free to start and swell the coffers so that cashflow wouldn't become an issue for a long time? It would seem the basic assumption is that people would be more willing to pay a smaller subscript
  3. And how would you do that without cannibalizing one or the other income stream and inadvertently crashing the stream that currently exists? The subscription devalues the sales of modules in a dangerous way, but drives up the costs of development and maintenance over where it's at currently by needing to service the subscriptions, potentially draining resources from completing modules. Worse yet, subscribers who get into problems and can't keep the subscription up will start demanding free access anyways, they'd point to the module owners and say "Wahhh, they get to play for freeeee!!!, Why
  4. At $20 a month you could play everything for 4 months for $80, or I can buy the F-14 module for the same amount and play it for, how long?? Forever! If you can afford to pay $20 a month for 4 months, you could instead SAVE $20 a month for 4 months and then fly the F-14 for, how long?? Forever! Now what if, for whatever reason, you can't pay that $20 monthly fee after 4 months, say there's a worldwide pandemic and you've been laid off? Well you as a subscriber are stuck with a login screen, while I as a module owner can still fly... And $20 a month is too expensive for what a subscript
  5. You want balance in multiplayer PvP? Everyone flies the same plane with the same loadout, bam, problem solved all around! What does the term "balance" even mean in this context for a high-fidelity simulation intended to closely model the real world??
  6. It's the fact it is a niche product which is why a subscription service would not work! And all I get from those in this thread pushing the idea, it seems to me, is that it's all about figuring out how to get the modules they want without being able to afford them... In order for a subscription service to work you need a LOT more people willing to part with money each month than who actually play the game. This is how "buffet" economics work, for food it relies on being able to feed the occasional customer who pigs out and eats twice what he paid in food by having 10 customers who only e
  7. Thanks for the reply, all of you that responded! It really gives me some food for thought. While I might enjoy the occasional mash-up with other players live, I usually prefer the PvE play style (campaigns), so am not worried about cutting edge system performance. But still, one of the takeaways i'm seeing is that for VR, performance of my current system might be an issue, but that it's worth trying out anyways. What I found the most interesting was what I didn't hear, and that's anything about resolution issues with VR vs. flat screen, game killing blurriness, or problems with working w
  8. I finally replaced my BS1 to BS2 upgrade key (purchased in 2012) this week too, so there's likely a few other stragglers as well! Of course since I hated needing BS1 installed (before they stopped doing this), I picked up BS2 full during a sale in 2014, and then just purchased the Heli Bundle when this current sale started, so now have 2 extra BS2 keys (and a Huey key) that I'm trying to figure out what to do with!
  9. Actually as Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia are Typhoon customers and are also in the Persian Gulf area, we may possibly see a UAE version of the aircraft flying on the Persian Gulf map (bottom of the page at https://www.eurofighter.com/about-us, excellent website BTW)
  10. I have Facebook and Twitter accounts too, but only to get tech support or to enter sweepstakes (I don't even accept friend requests from anyone, even family)! And I'd never put those crappy apps on my phone and let them data mine me... But these apps have become ubiquitous because of their convenience and the almost real-time connectedness, and for most people DCS World is one of many, many topics they are able to keep track of with little effort (though, without realizing it, they tend to get overwhelmed with the combined workload of all the topics they follow on social media). As menti
  11. You guys are over-thinking this and blinding yourselves, locked into your own perspective and failing to see the bigger picture. To answer the original question about why social media sites are used more than these forums is pretty easy.... They are more accessible! Reddit, Facebook, etc., all have cellphone apps that allow you to participate in on-going discussions almost in realtime. Instead of having to chase down information like you have to on this forum, it's pushed to your phone as it becomes available. And you don't need to be in front of a computer all the time, so you can
  12. If you used a Teflon lube instead of furniture polish you'd only have to apply it once or twice to fix the problem. Using a dry Teflon lube would work best, but a thin coat of a wet Teflon oil lube would also be OK (it'll dry out and leave just the Teflon for lubrication). I think I would avoid using a grease, though a light film might be OK too. But just like with the furniture polish, you don't want it dripping or sloppy!
  13. I have a Samsung HMD Odyssey+ that I picked up on Black Friday last year and also own a TrackIR5 I bought years ago for ARMA2 that has been gathering dust. Before I invest the time and effort getting one or the other working and tuned in for DCS I thought I would ask what others think of both and where I should put my efforts. For context I have an older system I use for gaming, a refurb HP Z230 with an i7-4770 @3.30Ghz, 16GB RAM, Samsung EVO 860 1TB SSD, and a nVidia 1060 6GB video card and I play on a 1080p Samsung monitor. This seems to work fine for most of the VR games I've tried, I
  14. Following up on the concept of “Epic Modules” and the Typhoon being one as mentioned in the FAQ, are there any current DCS modules that would also be considered “Epic Modules”? What makes a module an “Epic Module"? Also, would like to point out that "open access" is just another term for "open beta" and it would silly to think that a module as complex as the Typhoon wouldn't be released "early access" as soon as the basics are in place! It generates a revenue stream that benefits everyone from the player thru the module developer to the DCS world maintainers and is a sound business decis
  15. But it doesn't move the DCS simulation world forward! The red vs. blue aspect is wildly out of the balance for modern jets, and the F-15C only pushes it more out of balance and only gives you more of the same. The warbirds of WWII in DCS have a decent red vs. blue balance, as does the Korean War era golden age jets. Even the helicopters have some balance in the red vs. blue aspect! But for DCS modern era jets there is virtually zero red vs. blue balance. Yes there are several modern red jets from Flaming Cliffs, they are not the high fidelity models you see in the blue jets, and while be
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