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  1. Hi, The LoSetCommand function in Export.lua - can this be used to set a specific stick position etc. from e.g. an external script? From Export.lua located in the install folder: function LuaExportBeforeNextFrame() -- Works just before every simulation frame. -- Call Lo*() functions to set data to Lock On here -- For example: -- LoSetCommand(3, 0.25) -- rudder 0.25 right -- LoSetCommand(64) -- increase thrust end I am trying to make a more sophisticated autopilot for the MI-8, and I was initially planning to do it
  2. I remember reading about a terrain avoidance radar mode for the Hornet. Is this still planned to be implemented at some point?
  3. Very interesting, thank you for your insight! Since the scope doesn't show relevant terrain when the elevation knob is set to the middle snap position, but has to be adjusted slightly downwards, I would guess that there is a bug causing the middle snap position to not be 0 deg relative to the aircraft axis, and that this is the reason why. Would you agree? Edit: I just re-read your answer, and it seems to me that your opinion is that the lack of relevant terrain on the scope is due to the fact that you have some positive alpha in level flight, correct?
  4. I messed around with the terrain avoidance (TA)/obstacle detection radar mode tonight, and noticed something: It seems like what happens when the radar is put in TA is that the radar beam is narrowed in the vertical plane (tested by adjusting the elevation both in and out of TA mode), which I assume is what is supposed to happen. However, I also assume that the radar is supposed to be locked to boresight when TA mode is active, so that what shows up on the scope is only terrain/ojects at your altitude. This does not happen. The way I tested this is as follows: 1. Bind the radar elev
  5. Hi, I've noticed that when moving the throttle e.g. from idle to mil or vice versa, it sounds like there are discontinuities in the engine spool up/down sound. Is it just me, or is this actually the case? I.e. that the sound is not continuous/"linear" but that it "steps" up/down in frequency when a certain throttle level is reached? I don't know if it has always been this way, but in this video: from t=6s to t=25s, when he alters the throttle, in-cockpit view (I realize this is a video showcasing a sound mod, but only external sounds are affected by the mod AFAIK), it sounds like
  6. Aha, I see. It would be awesome if that was the case.
  7. What does that mean? Is that a user mod?
  8. I believe I once heard something about a complete sound overhaul for the viggen - which, imo, is very needed. The viggen is the module I enjoy the most of all the available modules in DCS. However, the engine sounds of the viggen really breaks the whole immersion thing for me. Don't get me wrong, I like the fact that there are sounds for every button click etc., but the sounds of the engine are really lacking. I can't seem to find a sound mod which modifies the engine sounds for the viggen either. So my question is, is it correct that the sounds for the viggen is supposed to get an up
  9. Hi, The last thing we heard about air-to-ground radar modes was in a hornet mini-update dated 12-18-2019. In this mini-update Wags stated that: "In February, much of our air-to-air radar development will shift to air-to-ground radar development. This will use the air-to-ground radar API that is already being used by 3rd party developers." I was just wondering if there is any news on this? Can we expect to see any AG radar action any time soon? And I know, "it's ready when it's ready", but I'm just extremely excited about getting a functional AG radar... :joystick:
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