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  1. Thanks. I've never expected to catch an Axis fighter but I would like to be able to keep up with the other Spits. I'll give all those suggestions a go. CptT
  2. Yeah, I think I meant 2650 RPM. That could be a part of it. I'll see what I can do to iron that out and see what difference it makes. I haven't been going that high. I doubt I'm up for an hour most missions so I'll try that.
  3. Hi I've recently started playing on multiplayer servers and I have real trouble keeping up with other Spitfires and Mustangs. What are the top tips for getting maxiumum speed out of the Spit? Mostly I'm topping out at about 1650 RPM with 7 boost as this is the max sustainable settings. Are most other people sticking to this or is it possible to push past this for sustained periods? Cheers! CptT
  4. Thanks. I'm slowly leaning towards buying a 3D printer. There's one for about £230. It seems if I'm going to spend that sort of money anyway, might as well have a printer as well (not that I know where I'm going to store the thing). Would a 220mm x 220mm plate be large enough to print the items for this stick? Cheers! CptT
  5. What is the largest part that needs to be printed? I don't have a 3D printer but I'm considering if it is worth getting one and, if so, what size I am going to need. Cheers! CptT
  6. Does anyone know of a someone who would print this for a reasonable price? I don't have the money, the patience and especially the space for a 3D printer but I would like to be able to do this as a project. I'm in the UK. Cheers! CptT
  7. I've just read through the mission documentation. I didn't do the RTB command so I'm assuming that this is the cause of the mission not ending.
  8. Hi I have completed the first mission of Ottoman Courier with a score of 80. When I landed at Tbilisi there was a call to say that the leader was on the ground and I followed the Follow Me HMMWV, it led me to the parking spot just to the right of the C-130 and stopped. I stopped behind it. Nothing happened. I shut down the engine, nothing happened. From that point I just sat and sat for about 10 minutes with nothing changing. I am assuming that something should happen after I reach my parking spot. Any thoughts why it isn't? Cheers! CptT
  9. Thanks for that. In fairness, if it takes a while to hit stable then it will give me some time to brush up on my Hornet familiarisation. I'm pretty rusty.
  10. Any idea on when this will be coming to stable branch? I don't have room on my SSD for both stable and beta and overall I've found stable to be less hassle.
  11. You can skip the mission, right at the beginning, there is an F10 radio option to skip. Shame to miss out on a mission but it's there.
  12. Getting the impression that the Devs don't care. This has been here for quite a while and no response or fix.
  13. Hi I just played Argo mission 7. I dropped the commandos off at the LZ and then took off and orbited the factory as instructed. Now, I'm not sure how many times I orbited it but it was a lot and nothing else happened. Can anyone tell me if this just takes a really long time or whether it's broken? As a matter of further interest, has the NDB for Senaki-Kolkhi been changed? I tried to tune it to 688KHz and ended up miles off course to the NW and I tried the outer NDB of 355KHz after I found the base by pilotage and it was not pointing anywhere near the right direction. It is as if these two NDBs have been deleted. Trying to tune to them just gets static, and the nearest working frequencies are wrong. I know that the NDBs were working a while back as I used them in the Worlds Apart campaign. Cheers! CptT
  14. Well, that was incredibly stressful. Managed to complete the mission on the second go. The first time I missed the command about following the road East as I was too busy panicking that I couldn't see anything (I took the scenic route to Batumi and arrived after dark). The searchlight could definitely do with being a bit brighter. I'm not sure how bright they are in real life but that doesn't seem very bright at all. There seems to be a bit of a trend for Huey missions that call for you to fly below 200' when the trees are about 220' and the power pylons are about 250'. At least you can fly under wires. I really like the feature where you can use F10 to find your current mission objective. It would be even better if it replayed/displayed the entire conversation for that part of the mission.
  15. I could never work out how to get the ovals to be round. Mostly, using it, I felt like I was tripping my tits off.
  16. Just about to do that mission. Feeling a bit nervous about it :)
  17. Hi I managed this (just by flying back along the bearing I flew out on) and then picked the Billy-no-mates ship some way from the main fleet. It worked. I am a bit puzzled by the ASW mission though. Like a chump, I couldn't figure out what to do with the Morse code transmission and it was only later that it occurred to me that this was a homing signal (slap forehead). What I don't understand is, is it possible to home outbound to the ASW area? I thought that FM only allowed to you follow a signal to its source. I enjoyed the mission but I can't be bothered to go and do it again (flying round and round Batumi harbour gets old very quickly) and was wondering if anyone could tell me how this works. I completed the mission by flying to where the waypoint appeared to be on the map. It worked but I hate to think that I am missing out on a really useful feature and I can't find anything about it by Googling. All the guides I have seen only talk about homing in on a signal. Cheers! CptT
  18. Hi This isn't really a problem with the mission as such. The problem I have is that the in VR, using NVGs means that the gun-sight is just a blinding disc in the middle of the flex sight and also, when I fire the guns, the light from them pretty much whites-out the NVGs so I'm completely blind. I watched a video of this mission on YouTube by Micha and the NVGs in that just had circle in the middle of the screen, the gunsight was visible, and the rockets didn't seem to overwhelm the NVGs. I'm assuming that he wasn't using VR. Does anyone have a solution for this? I tried using a mod that was supposed to turn the NVGs into a circle in the middle of the screen but it actually just made them into two vertical elipses that didn't quite overlap and made it horrible to fly with. I was just wondering if there was anything else out there that I don't know about. Cheers! CptT
  19. I would just love to see the troops sitting the back of the Huey when I pick them up. I was watching a video the other day and it took me a good 20 seconds to realise that it wasn't real-life footage. Turns out it was from X-Plane with SAR mods. It had medics being winched down to a casualty and then being winched back up with the casualty and all of them then visible in the back of the helo. I haven't played X-Plane but I was impressed. I would love to see that functionality in DCS.
  20. 1 - 4, don't really care. 5. YES PLEASE! We really need some SAR choppers.
  21. Something has gone wrong there. That helicopter should just land, you shoot it, and leave Sluggy to zap the two vehicles. I have been finding that there are quite a few bugs in Worlds Apart on the Huey which seem to have been introduced by changes to DCS over the last year or so. The guys that made the campaign have been running around busily fixing bugs as they are pointed out to them, I think the makers of Op Dixmude might need to do the same.
  22. Hi What do you mean by "has a failure"? Do you mean that it crashes and is destroyed, or is simply damaged? If it is simply damaged, it may be that the trigger is not triggered. I am fairly sure that when I played this (although it was a long time ago) that Sluggy did destroy the other two vehicles. I can't remember how many missiles you start with in this mission. I am pretty certain that you should have some left over (as I made the mistake of shooting the downed helicopter to destroy it with one of my left-over missiles when I was trying to work out why the mission wouldn't end).
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