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  1. thank you..... loose the path in the gonfig :-)
  2. Hello, all custom skins don't work after patch. I use the German version. After i install the latest patch, can`t see my and all other customm skins...... any tipps for me??
  3. Mitch

    3 New Skins

    Hello:-) I'm back to the Community... Here are 3 New Skins... Work in progress... Chopper Popper, JAWS and Desert JAWS Uploaded with ImageShack.us I have insert a little tipp, how you can make it that every plane have his own pilotdress, helmet and cockpit ;-) Hope you like it :-)
  4. What must i do to fly the Apache with Cokpit?
  5. I have create new Skins for the Harrier...... Can anyone tell me the real Names for the skins... And how can i create the loadout for the harrier ?
  6. I loose only the 3D Meshes..... The Model as *.lom ar finish with damage and animations. I need only help to make a Package
  7. The Model is finish.... the problem is.... i have lose all 3d files.... can`t make Changes. When anybody will help to test it, you can have it :-)
  8. OK... Thank you... I have correct it.... little info.... Tomorrow I'm one week in Hollydays... Tomcatz have make a Great work. Next is the Damagemodel..... Thank you Mitch
  9. Sorry and thanks :-) I have change it....
  10. You need help Mapping? I can Help you to Mapping and Skinning... Let me know
  11. Please need Help I having a Problem creating Buildings with Night Lights. How can i turn the Lights in the Nightime on (automatic)? I know it change the Textures. I think the ARG is "0" but what frame or how much frames? It's not working at me. Have anyone a tutorial *.MAX Object or a list of Arguments for Buildings? Thank you very much
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