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  1. I regret to inform you... that I am an idiot. I confused the hdc hook symbology with the tgp frame. Sorry folks; will vet my reports better in the future!
  2. Configured without tgp. No manipulation of spi. Selected steerpoint showed the dashed box around it which looked like the tgp fov symbology despite not carrying a tgp.
  3. Set any cms program. cmsp in manual. start 6 flare and observe the program display Z (correct). before the 6 flares finish, start 6 chaff. Wait for the program to finish and observe that the program remains on Z (bug). Can be cycled back but takes clicking through the whole alphabet. Expected behaviour: after any quick-program Z, the original non-Z program should be restored.
  4. Have your tried manually entering your hot instead of relying on the terrain database? Your tgp with laser should give an accurate elevation for your target markpoint, but it dts mode I still think the terrain database will impact ccip. Set manual hot to the correct elevation and try again.
  5. Great write up Sleepy. I’ll offer additionally that a key fundamental would have helped as well: if -2 lost visual on -1 (and therefor was unable to maintain formation), “blind” should have been called which would have notified -1 that -2 needed navigational aid. As lead, you have a short right to assume -2 is still in the last called formation until a blind call. You did well to notice and of course -1 is ultimately responsible. It’s never fun to call blind, but I’d propose that it is a more universal solution to a situation like that.
  6. The radio presets bug is a real challenge to work around in multiplayer. Pilots think that using presets other than 2-5 “work” but above 6 the radio can be on a different freq each time you use the preset. Yes the bug is “reported” but I agree that at least an update on these would be good pr. Many bugs in A-10C 1 remained reported for years, so I don’t think that the community puts much faith in the tag
  7. Best you could do today is setup a viewport lua for a custom screen layout, and position one exported mfcd offscreen.
  8. There is nothing wrong with having “target” waypoints in a flight plan. Establishing a common naming convention will help clarify what is what. I’ll often use nav points, then CP.1 IP.1 TGT.1 as waypoint names. Toss in friendly positions too, but the risk is obvious, so ad a hint: JTAC.1XXXXXXX. I find for most missions, a single flight plan does well, but if you want to try something or handle a more complex mission or multiple options, remember you can have multiple flight plans in the A-10 CDU. So have on for ingress, one for tgt.area, on for egress and one for divert.
  9. Thanks Bignewy. Ugh... well, I was unable to reproduce this by setting back to 48000kHz. In both settings, the log reports 1 channels with mask 0x4, then later Channel layout: FrontCenter. For what my speculation is worth, changing the default format may have nudged windows into setting the correct mask and thus resolving it for DCS. Not much DCS can be expected to do when it get reported an invalid channel mask, so this might be blamable on windows. I'll keep an eye out for future errors but at this moment, it seems to be unable to reproduce :(
  10. Oo, found something. If i change the advanced device properties, default format from 1ch 16 bit 48kHz to 44.1kHz, the error goes away. Mask reports 0x4. A Good enough for me, but this could be handled more generally in DCS. i have a strange behaviour in the past where some flights I have headert audio and some flights it goes over my main sound. Makes me wonder if this mask can change somewhat randomly and that dcs fails because of it.
  11. Hmm I do not have any of the usual audio configuration options for multichannel devices. What da70 driver are you using? Do you find any place in windows where you can configure the channel it is presenting as? Also worth noting I cannot use the hardcoding trick from the linked post because I also have a 5.1 device for surround. Only comms are intended to come out this device.
  12. Amazingly similar issue, thanks for sharing!! I am on the latest open beta ( Interesting that we both have the DA70 but got different masks reporting (I got mask 0... which is not much of a mask!). I’ll explore windows speaker settings in case I can influence that.
  13. I have an mono headset designed for communications, however when I load it, dcs.log reports the following: 2020-11-14 01:31:51.251 INFO SOUND: Opening audio device "{}.{b09042ab-fe69-4064-b0d9-a3b9f9e053e6}" 2020-11-14 01:31:51.252 INFO SOUND: Driver reports 1 channels with mask 0x0 2020-11-14 01:31:51.252 ERROR SOUND: Driver reported an invalid output configuration! Forcing stereo output. 2020-11-14 01:31:51.252 INFO SOUND: Using 2 channels at 48000 Hz 2020-11-14 01:31:51.252 INFO SOUND: Channel layout: Headphones/Stereo 2020-11-14 01:31:51.259 ERRO
  14. The DCS A-10C manual pg 401 also suggests that tms-right-short should create the mark point at the hdc location, not the los crosshair.
  15. My most frequent use case is hooking a flight member (most valuable as -2 hooking -1), so the hook info provided can assist in formation station keeping. Hooking enables display of hooked ship ground speed, which can also contribute to the picture and ensure safe rejoin speed before visual picture is established.
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