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  1. Hi, I recently did a PC build update and am trying to get DCS setup properly again. Note that I only run DCS on a single display, and dont have any external displays and such I wish to use. The problem I am having is getting the sim, when in windowed mode, to appear on my center display. I first tried toying with making various displays my main display but that did not seem to work, though worked fine in windowed mode I tried the .lua fix for a single camera, but that doesnt seem to fix anything? No matter what numbers I put in the "X and Y" values in my Lua file, the
  2. On Open Beta Learned recently trucks like the URAL resupplied ammo and decided to test it out. Units that use the M4 rifle seem to either not get ammo or they're not told to reengage after being resupplied. The other units (AK units, M249) I tried seemed to work ok but doubt I got every single unit. Also possible the bug extends to other resupply sources besides the trucks. Ive only recently learned about this feature so unsure what all is supposed to resupply. Attached my mission file and YT link. All units are in a single group with a basic "F
  3. I know this has been a constant point of discussion, but the F18 Defensive Systems Video its time to ask again Obviously a ton of work has gone into the F18 to make the jamming work. Is there a plan to expand EW within the sim? Not just in terms of similar systems coming to other aircraft. I am talking more along the lines of proper EW/Jammer AI aircraft and ground stations
  4. I dont think theyre intending to distribute the mod
  5. The awacs in the mission is a scripted Voice Over at times, not the actual in sim AWACS. Theres a few instances of that happening in the campaign, such as the times you hit the tanker, those are just custom voiceovers played when certain triggers hit (Thus why you need to use the regular radio to refuel). To my knowledge I dont think "rock" calls are special to the F18, or even air operations in general (Though I could be wrong I am certainly no expert). It is just a name for that particular bullseye. Another example of bullseye names is from the Desert Storm Mig 21 shootdown. In the ra
  6. Is the AI able to make combat drops? Would be good fun for escort missions
  7. Jamming isn't really represented in the sim. You can sort of do jamming using the skynet script, but even then all the jamming script of that program really does is shut off enemy SAMS when the jammer craft is within range of the SAM. Though that said the skynet script is quite useful to make sams react to HARMs and selectively turn off/on
  8. Honestly unsure as I've only been messing with it recently
  9. Random bug with both F35B models. If you set the aircraft as "uncontrolled" and do a delayed start with AI groups the number 2 aircraft will not start. Flight lead works fine. The A models work fine.
  10. Sedlos campaigns and SP missions are quite good.
  11. Chenstrap


    sounds good to me :)
  12. Chenstrap


    Jerec that looks really good! any chance of releasing publicly? :D
  13. Its a bug with the recent build. AI are basically stupid while taxiing.
  14. Does anyone have any updates on how to fix the issue of the mod planes not showing up? I have uninstalled the mod several times and have tried putting it in every folder I could think of. I have the Military aircraft mod (The one with the B2 and such) works perfectly and the Civil mod is installed in the same folder. One thing to note, I see many people installing this to the Open Beta folder. I am on the open beta build on steam (2.5.6) however my game does not seem to read from Open Beta folder (savedgames/DCS NOT savedgames/DCS.openbeta). It reads from the regular DCS folder (This is
  15. Problem started Friday, all was well Thursday. So while the AI seem to respond to any radio commands I issue (IE of i tell my wingman to go into a formation hell go there) I dont have any of the chatter or subtitles associated with the radio call. So I won't hear "my" voice issue the request/command, and I get no auditory feedback from the AI as well as no subtitles whatsoever. Have checked and rechecked settings. Am on the latest release on steam
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