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  1. I just ran these tests and they worked fine, perhaps I set them up differently to you, I don't know, play the vids fullscreen for maximum dramatic effect. In this first test I let the Bradleys own AI fire at the T-80U while I just sat munching my popcorn watching. Note: the vid begins about 8 seconds after the tank trundled into view, it took that long for the Bradley AI gunner to wake up and launch a TOW at the tank, meanwhile the tank AI gunner is quicker and gets the first shot in but missed, luckily for the Brad. dcs-tow1.mp4
  2. Then they begin diving as they approach the Tico (circled) which begins rocking and rolling and launching SM-2 SAMs- Below-An SM-2 knocks out a Kitchen with a proximity airburst, and in the next pic The Tico's Gatling accounts for another- Below-But eventually a Kitchen gets through the Tico's defences-
  3. RUSSIAN Kh-22 (AS-4 Kitchen) supersonic antiship missile test. I couldn't resist tossing this one into the test playpen because its got the biggest warhead in the game (1000kg) and is supersonic, (its the standard HE version as the nuke version is not in the game)- The Tu-22's reach the launch waypoint and begin letting their Kitchens fly at a Ticonderoga 90 nm (167 kms) away. (The encyclo says their max range is 400 km, but the best I could get in the tests was 90nm / 167 km)- After launching, the Kitchens fl
  4. Let me know what type of unit was firing the TOW and i'll run some tests..
  5. Nah mate, I've only ever flown 3 times in my life as a joyride passenger, once in a Taylorcraft Auster, once in a Cessna 172 and once in a glider, and I was nearly airsick each time, I suppose I'm just not a born flier. Here's a carrier landing of mine in DCS-
  6. A note on Russian Tunguska/Gatling dual launchers- Below- They're on the two Kusnetsov Carriers and the Neustrashimy Frigate, and sometimes the Gatlings fire (top pic) and sometimes the Tunguska SAMs fire (bottom pic)-
  7. AIR-LAUNCHED ANTISHIP MISSILE TESTS I tested the 3 most common missiles, namely the American AGM-84D Harpoon, and the Russian KH-31A Krypton and KH-35 Kayak. As always, I did the tests to help me when scen-building, and post them here in case anybody might be interested.. Conclusion- ALL American warships will engage incoming Russian KH-31A's and KH-35's with their SAMs and Gatlings. Conclusion- ALL Russian warships will engage incoming American AGM-84D Harpoons with their SAMs and Gatlings. Below: AGM-84D Harpoon, warhead=225kg, Range 80nm
  8. Well I'm 72 years old but chose my screenie 20 years ago when I happened to see an item on the net about a chinchilla named Spike that got it's toe caught in the corner of its cage and needed a vet's attention, so I took its name as a gesture of sympathy and have been trundling around the game forums ever since..
  9. No, the SA-15 Tor can also intercept it..:) I just spent 4 hours testing every Russian AAA/SAM unit currently in the game (March 2nd 2021) and found that only the SA-10 and Tor would engage the AGM-88C HARM. Below- A Hornet lets one fly- And up comes an SA-10 to take it out- And in this next test up comes a Tor with the same result.. All the units below (including IR missiles) did NOT engage the HARMs- ZSU-23-4 Shilka, SA-2, SA-3, SA-6 Kub, all 4 AAA guns, SA-8 Osa, SA-9 S
  10. Depends if you're talking about the real world or DCS, as the two can behave very differently. All wargames have their own odd little happenings so we can only grit our teeth and share Alice in Wonderland's observation- "Oh I do wish something would make sense for a change"..:) PS- Some games (eg Harpoon) model radar-jamming to break missile locks or prevent them getting a lock in the first place but I don't know if DCS models it too. DCS aircraft pop chaff which can decoy radar-missiles but apparently DCS ships don't pop it which is a glaring omission, as other game's sh
  11. I've only just seen this thread and I don't know if anybody's already mentioned it, but from observation I know that radar-guided SAMs (of all nations) will self-destruct for several reasons- A- If they lose their lock on their target at any time after firing. B- if the target they were locked onto is destroyed by something before they reach it. C- If they reach their extreme range without hitting anything. So I don't think it's a bug. For example here an SM-2 SAM fired from a Tico self-destructs soon after launch because of A or B, I don't know which, bu
  12. Thanks, and speaking of IL-2, I've got a few photogallery threads going at the Mission4Today forum which might interest you and anybody interested in WW1, Interwar and WW2 planes..:)- https://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=ForumsPro&file=viewforum&f=105 Jan Zumbach (left), Polish fighter pilot in RAF, 1942
  13. Thanks, and another question- Steam game/sim downloads for me have always been horrendously slow (even on broadband with my high-endish PC), so as a matter of interest is it better to buy games direct from their own websites in the hope of getting a faster download time? For example would DCS World have downloaded quicker if I'd bought it direct from ED instead of from Steam?
  14. Thanks, I've just began a clean re-install which according to the in-progress graph below will take over a day! Is there any way I can speed up the download process? And what's the graph for, what does the wavy green line mean? Can I play other games and surf the net while the download is in progress without messing it up? And does the download continue in the background somehow even if I switch off my PC overnight?
  15. Hi, I was playing my Steam-purchased game normally like i've been doing for months, but today the screen froze and I couldn't escape with Ctrl-Alt-Del, so I had to switch off my PC (Win 10). When I rebooted and clicked the 'Play DCS' desktop icon, it said "Install game, 164GB disk space required, but you only have 143GB free. Free up some disk space to install" i don't understand because the game has been playing fine for months and I haven't installed any new programs to eat up disk space. So why does the game suddenly tell me I haven't got enough disk space? What h
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