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  1. I saw that there was an Israel skin for the f16, but I don’t see it in game? Heard several others with the same issue.
  2. Personally I think if you’re going to open pre orders you should also give a status update. Even if you don’t know when it will be released!
  3. As the title says, the afterburner noise clearly comes from the front of the aircraft. If you turn 90 degrees to the left, you hear it most in the right ear and vice versa. It is clearly noticeable. Let me know if you need more information.
  4. Also, any chance of getting a Jordanian F16 skin now that we have a Jordanian base?
  5. If the map is finished sometime between now and the next beta update (15 July) will they still have to wait till then to release the map?
  6. If the map is finished sometime between now and the next beta update (15 July) will they still have to wait till then to release the map?
  7. Super excited for the Syria map. Hopefully we get a Jordanian skin for the F16!
  8. With the Syria map on the horizon, we will soon have a base in Jordan in DCS. I know they fly a lot of F16s. Anybody want to make a Jordanian F16 skin?
  9. I don’t believe it is meant to be precise, even with perfect coordinates. Even in the video he had to adjust at the end. It just gets you in the ballpark. I tried it again today and I had better luck by waiting until the missile brought the target into view by itself, and then I only corrected it to bring the target to the middle. By the time that happened there is only a few seconds till impact.
  10. I’ve experienced both these issues as well. When you have to de-select the SLAM to see the data link feed it is stopping power to the other pylons, causing them to have to realign when power is returned. Surely this is not how it should be... I had one fly right over the target, do a loop and blow itself up. Recommend moving this to the bugs section.
  11. Could we get a button in the rearm/refuel screen to mirror the loadout? We’re almost always using symmetrical or near symmetrical loadouts.. could save a lot of time!
  12. Currently when I drop a gbu-12 the laser fire button must be depressed the entire time until impact instead of being pressed once to fire and once to stop firing the laser. Is there no toggle available?
  13. I have played a few times after discovering my errors above. Haven’t had any problems. I am curious if/how they will change the drop point (or whatever the technical name is). I would guess that it should only move when the target lock or similar is pressed.
  14. Syria map has been in the works for years... I’m sure it will come eventually. Hopefully it hasn’t been iced!
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