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  1. You should have it unchecked if you want throttles to be idle at start. Behaviour of this setting is strange, but that's the way it is.
  2. When you go to DCS options and then to MISC. category, there is a setting called "Synchronize Cockpit Controls with HOTAS Controls at Mission Start". Do you have it unticked?
  3. Depends on airfield procedures. Most USN fields the level "break" at

    1000'AGL with a level downwind.

  4. I have several questions: When standard airfield overhead break (not the carrier break) is performed (let's say at 1500 ft) should the pilot descend to 600 ft (or some other altitude) on downwind like in carrier break or remain at 1500 ft until the base leg? What break interval is used for formations when performing overhead break at airfield (is it different for standard overhead break and carrier break)? Are carrier breaks also performed on uncontrolled airfields?
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