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  1. I also doubt that laser burnout has been implemented..
  2. So guys. I tried. I loaded a few of GBU 12s and killed a few tanks, everything worked fine. Then they stopped working for me again. Please can you check out this video and tell me what am I doing wrong this time? (I know - I think it is the second launch - was bad, but otherwise I did everything the same way as when it worked and managed to kill at least 5 tanks until they stopped guiding). Link to the vid: https://we.tl/t-0YbLDehSIz For comparison, this was taken right before that, in the same flight. First maybe 5 GBU12s worked like this one, then two didn´t and then with 8th one I re
  3. Oh crap, I did not notice my target has changed last second! You are right. My problem was basically the altitude? I tried to launch from 4000m and the bomb guided nicely.
  4. Link to download the video: https://we.tl/t-BfCbxfCY8A Don´t mind my clumsy takeoff, I forgot to refuel to 50% and was too heavy lol.
  5. I am going to take the video. BTW I wasn´t sure if I set everything properly, so on the next run I loaded some laser guided mavericks and they guided just fine. Video will be here in roughly 30min. EDIT: Laser code 1688. It has worked before (although not every time) and I did not change the way I do it.
  6. So I do basically the same as all tutorials say - I set the laser code, tpod to laser, pt, arm, fire the laser, wait till the timer is at 0 and drop a bomb. Bomb has fuse sed to Tin and there is just nothing that would be obviously wrong. The GBU 12 drops like an unguided bomb. No attempt to hit the target designated by laser (tpod). I hated GBU-12 for some time becuase it would randomly become dumb bomb. But now it is a dumb bomb all the time. Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong please?
  7. "testing is the basic free flight with SU25T at Mineralnye Vody, keep bearing and altitude and just share your setup and FPS" (my original post). I wanted something fast and simple. But if there is some better testing already done, of course thanks for the link.
  8. So, after upgrade to RTX 2080Ti my FPS increased to 126-130 (doing this test).
  9. bro, that wasn´t for you, but for Lange_666
  10. I am sorry but I really can´t see your signature
  11. Thank you for your data! Did you set it just like I did? Because that is quite significant FPS difference given that we have the same GPU, just different brand!
  12. Hello all! I would like to start a big thread where we all can compare ingame FPS. The reason behind this is that I would like to get a GPU for DCS World and there are few tests on the internet. I figured out that someone else may have the same issue. So let´s normalise some settings and everyone is welcome to contribute. Settings should be set so that the CPU is not the bottleneck and obviously we all should use the same settings. Let me suggest (see photo) and testing is the basic free flight with SU25T at Mineralnye Vody, keep bearing and altitude and just share your setup and FPS. My
  13. Thank you. Followup question, I am trying to launch GBU-12 as in this video: but it does not work - when I do the overfly, I don´t see time to the target nor I am able to launch any bombs. Have there been any changes as well? EDIT: resolved
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