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  1. Hello pilots). I need advice on how to upgrade my pc to 1440p resolution. My current pc: Ryzen 5 3500 rx 580 8gb. I have no lags and stutters, but my fps is about 38-40 on high settings, and it's not very comfortable. On YouTube, there are practically no tests of assemblies at 1440p, or the processors there are much more powerful. I need to understand what will give me a FPS boost: a new processor or a new video card. Thanks
  2. Is that possible to survive AMRAAM hit to be able to eject, at least at the back of the craft?(Not only at f16, but also at f15, su 33 and so on). Or aim 120 will kill you 100% situations?
  3. Hello guys. How far gau 8 can shoot and what is your farthest shot from this cannon?
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