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  1. Hi, I have the latest DCS open beta version and also latest SRS and I can get the server list up in Multi-player. However I cannot connect to several of the servers listed!! They are not passworded or crowded but appear greyed out in the menu. On another one I can select it from a search and get the list of aircraft in the server but the join button appears dim and will not let me click. Yet on another I can get straight in and SRS works fine!!! I am at the pulling of hair stage at the moment, I have done a full repair, unplugged and replugged all equipment into a powered usb, undone an
  2. Sorted now guys, I think the problem lay with voice attack!!! I uninstalled it and the issue resolved itself!!! Cheers
  3. Apologies if this is in the wrong place!! Hi all, been using DCS for a few months now and had just started getting into multi-player online ( I fly only choppers at the moment ) so installed SRS which took some time but finally got it running. Then after a DCS update a month or so ago I started having problems where the DCS comms menu started popping open by itself aver few seconds. I removed the SRS link, I removed all the mappings within DCS for the Huey and started from scratch. This seemed to cure the automatic pop up issue but now pressing the re-assigned button for SRS brin
  4. Thanks guys, I will have another look at this tonight. I lost a lot of key bindings on the last update. :-(
  5. Hi, pretty new to DCS in general but I liked the idea of a GPS unit that could be integrated into aircraft like the Huey amounts others. However I cant seem to get the GPS to show, can anyone help with how to install it correctly please? Thanks
  6. Cheers mate, I was wondering if using two GPUs would improve the display/performance but it think you just answered that LoL
  7. Thanks mate, do you have any knowledge regarding running 2 cards using the Nvidia link by any chance?
  8. I am thinking of installing a 2nd 2080ti using the Nvidia Link ( like SLI ) but not sure if it would improve graphics, any thoughts?? cheers
  9. Hi all, I am thinking of upgrading from my current 1080p screen to a 4K one using a 2080ti GPU. Can anyone tell me if the GPU would run this screen and would it be worth it? Thanks
  10. Hi Thinder, thanks for that. I am considering putting in an extra fan or two as there does not seem to be a lot of flow out of the AIO fans. Also maybe putting one on to the GPU area to see if that helps. cheers:thumbup:
  11. Headwarp, Sorry to jump in on the thread but I am in a somewhat similar position in that I am having a shed load of problems with my windows to the point I think a full reinstall is going to be required. However not being a PC guru I was wondering how difficult it would be to install a 2nd M.2 drive of 250GB for Windows ( fresh install ) and to leave DCS on the first 1TB M.2 drive. Would you think there would be any issues and how would I go about it. I don't really want to spend a week down loading DCS, aircraft, campaigns etc again if I don't need to!! Thanks for the assist and again apol
  12. Hi Guys, Sorry if I opened a can of worms with the original post. As I said I appreciate all inputs and opinions from you guys and take them all into consideration. I would always tread carefully when it comes to system settings and would probably reach similar results in the end but without your input it would take me a long long time to get there!! Thanks again. :thumbup:
  13. Thanks Draconus, I appreciate any and all input from you guys as you all have far more knowledge and experience with PCs the I do. I obviously have a lot more catching up tp do on the subject. Cheers :thumbup:
  14. Thanks mate, The PC Builds thing was something I was unaware of, I will spend some time looking at it and the other programs you mentioned. Cheers
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