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  1. It seems whatever bomb you drop (especially american ones) only a very short distance away (maybe 5-10m) away from vehicles from WWII planes, it has no effect whatever. Is splash damage modelled in WW2 ordinance?
  2. Have we got any news on the 2000-5? I’ve been drooling over it for some time now!
  3. Please consider letting us put BRM 90mm on the inner pods again. Its such a nice loadout for SEAD, etc. It might not be super realistic, but at the end of the day, this is just a game :-)
  4. I didn't no. Was using Tpod as per the title and Chucks guide. Seems to bug out if you don't have a datalink pod. Not really. It's the anti-ship version. I tried vs land tgts and couldnt get it to work.
  5. The AKG bugs out and just does loops every time I use a targeting pod with a SPI to launch it. Any ideas?
  6. It's been ~9 months though and the viper hasn't received anything major though....
  7. yup just had someone else tell me that. good spot. hopefully someone else can benefit.
  8. After a full refuel (with three bags) in MP, engines shut off early. Game did not seem to recognise the refuel as i went 'bingo' a short time later. https://imgur.com/a/HnJaeNW
  9. Please reverse the change to not have an option to put rockets on stations 3 and 5. It is particularly harmful to SEAD loadouts, ie loadouts with LD-10s.
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