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  1. For the game path, you can click on the "ID Lookup" button in the Streamdeck GUI for one of the buttons and at the top of the window is a place you can enter the G drive location and click Update. However, this only really affects the table shown in this ID Lookup window -- if it finds your install you should see your list of modules appear. As for the other log, it sounds like you found that string in the file "Saved Games\DCS\Logs\dcs.log", correct? If that is showing up and there is no file there named "Saved Games\DCS\Logs\Export.log", then it sounds like something is not working with t
  2. Thanks for pointing that out, I also have this at a higher setting, and without it the flickering is much more noticeable. I would look at the examples in the A-10C.lua file, it combines pressure values into a new value how you would like to: [59] = "%.4f", -- pressure_setting_0 [58] = "%.4f", -- pressure_setting_1 [57] = "%.4f", -- pressure_setting_2 [56] = "%.4f", -- pressure_setting_3 [61] = "%.1f", -- AAU34_PNEU_flag -- Pressure setting -------------------------------------------------------- local pressure_setting_3 = mainPanelDevice:get_argument_value(56) * 1000
  3. Can you tell if DCS Export script is working? They have a log file in "Saved Games\DCS\Logs\Export.lua" that should write out some data each time a Mission is started. If that is working, then you can next test from the StreamDeck side. There is the DCS comms button which opens a window from the plugin, and you can click Refresh to see if it is reading any data from the specified IP address and port. If the Export Script is working, but Streamdeck isn't and the ports are configured the same in both, you can also look at a log file generated by the Streamdeck. In Windows Explorer paste th
  4. The A-10C.lua file is located within "Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\DCS-ExportScript\ExportsModules", and the A-10C_2.lua does not exist yet, so you have to copy paste the original A-10C.lua file and rename the copy to A-10C_2.lua Yes, there essentially are two image update commands in conflict. The switch button for the native Streamdeck assets always switches to the next image after a button press. However for the DCS plugin I really only want it to change when I've received confirmation that the switch has changed in the game - particularly for switches like Autopilot ones that may not
  5. Follow up from my previous post, there are a few situations I saw where there were rounding issues in the lua in the kHz range, i.e. value shows up as 124.099 instead of 124.100, while splitting up the digits. It may need some tweaking, but I think it’s quite useable for now. I’d also like to incorporate string manipulation on the Streamdeck UI side, but it will go on my backlog of tasks.
  6. Hi all, sorry for lack of timely responses lately. Let me try to catch up... A-10C II Tank Killer @SmilingBandit - Thanks for posting how to update for the A-10C II, I've been able to send multiple people to your comment. The "ID Lookup" currently works for A-10C but not for A-10C_2, I'll look into fixing this, however at first glance it looks like most IDs have remained the same and you can use the standard A-10C table for now. A-10C Radios @SmilingBandit I made an edit to the A-10C export lua file to add new uplink messages for each digit of the radio display. If you modify the Ra
  7. Yes I do, you can create an issue ticket in the GitHub repo and add a label of feature request. You may also want to try doing that modification in the module export script itself. There should be other examples where values are manipulated for example to combine individual digits into a single number, you could do the same thing and add a new ID with converted values. Take a look at the AV8BNA.lua file and one example is combining 4 digits sent as different IDs for the fuel gauge into one string sent as ID 2011 on line 656.
  8. The final output to the game is the same for a switch or rotary the only difference is the sequence of commands and resulting state of the stream deck button. With a switch you’ll want to make sure that the Send 1st->2nd state = 1, and Send 2nd->1st state = 0 (I believe it defaults to -1). Another point about switches is they don’t switch button state (determining what they’ll send on next press) based on user-presses, but according to the sim state configured in the image change settings. So if the command settings are correct but it’s not getting feedback from the game that the coc
  9. I recently created a JF-17 UFCP profile for the Streamdeck XL, and put up a video on how to build up more export info than just the clickabledata in one of the modules that doesn't have an official plugin yet. The first video is on exploring what data is possbile to be extracted: And the second video is adding the display text of interest (from the UFCP) to the JF-17 module export script: Attached is the profile with an updated .lua script and icon images. JF-17_UFCP.zip
  10. speed-of-heat, if you only want to use the send commands without the game feedback you could try setting "ExportScript.Config.IkarusExport" to false within the export script config. I believe it will still listen for input commands.
  11. Unfortunately I had tried looking into using custom fonts but it's not supported within the Streamdeck SDK right now. There are some nice F-18 UFC fonts that were created for Helios that would be nice to use also for the displays. The closest thing I found was on Elgato's Discord channel, someone requested on their #feature-request channel: But looks like no response ever came.
  12. Sure, I've tried to set things up to allow other collaborators to contribute if they like via Pull Requests in github. Look at the section "Build from source instructions" in the Readme. The plugin basically is written in two sections: The main plugin and UDP communication with DCS is done in C++. You'll need to install Visual Studio to build the Windows executable for this. The streamdeck settings windows are programmed in javascript and the plugin itself is a package that gets assembled with all the javascript and the compiled C++ executable that gets run on startup, and the javascript Pr
  13. Wow, nosa great work! I watched the youtube video and at first couldn't figure out how you got the RPM display showing there :-)
  14. Hi I’ll update my Streamdeck firmware and check for issues with the plugin. Feel free to post issues on that Github page as they’re easier for me to track. It’s easy to lose things in these forum threads.
  15. Wow, fantastic! Thank you for contributing, I'll be sure to try these out.
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