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  1. dfpoor

    Hellenic Vipers

    HAF skins are great thank you! Can you consider this factory-fresh livery in the future? Tan/Sea Blue/Mocha. Very cool: https://www.airliners.net/photo/Greece-Air-Force/Lockheed-Martin-F-16CJ-Fighting-Falcon/5991773/L?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRP9lzwpRoYfe6g/owR9YNkMNxCbsrmAp/Xdj8Da8ecxsJGVxfPyxVtBIBlZ50oEqK7%2BMxo0UczJX9lSWSfzNuXlhOIZwDk20on5dG4rsmERQHfHPbxqhvwomfXNuH6cWoPee6TI0HpPVzH0DzinTvn8BSnEx7Q%3D%3D
  2. The MFDs are really hard to read. I tried the brightness rocker switch but it didn't do anything. Someone said increase gamma. I raised my gamma from 1.8 to 1.9 and it helped a little.
  3. We should stop saying the Hind will be ineffective. If we are playing Fulda Gap, keep in mind the Patton had zero CE protection. Obviously, the same goes for the M113 and the TOW jeep. The Bradley is not going to survive ATGM hits. And the original M1/1985 had half as much armor as a M1A2. The Hind will do everything an Apache/Cobra/Havoc/Hokum can do, it just won't do it at night.
  4. Yeah, I was kind of hoping ED would spend precious development resources on a Mi-28D. They have a relationship with Mil. Without a radar mast there should be no classified tech concerns. The Kamov is super fun. Blasting enemies at 7K is unreal. But only 16 were built and they were retired. The single-seat gunship is pretty much a footnote in army aviation history. Air to Air in the Ka50 is really difficult. Can't shoot missiles because you can't lock bandits. I think 80% of the demand for BS3 is due to the agony of A2A combat.
  5. dfpoor


    Was my favorite plane in FB. Gorgeous, easy to fly, turned on a dime. Low ammo capacity was a major challenge.
  6. Use the smallest target designator box possible. It will lock more targets and faster. Air units are difficult. Make sure target is centered. It can take 1/2/3 attempts. God forbid, even 10 attempts. As stated, there is no target recognition algorithm. You are locking unit IDs. the smallest td box works best.
  7. Supercarrier was a bit of a disappointment for me. It looks good, but it wasn't something I had to have. When I drive past an airbase I don't normally see people on foot or on tow-motors. Most aircraft work is done in the hangar. Airfield assets are fine of course, but we can't simulate everything. US doctrine requires air-superiority followed by ubiquitous amounts of artillery and CAS. Better ground vehicles can bring the Air-Land battle to life. If Redfor loses the fighter-sweep then yes, A10s and Apaches will go on a killing-spree. But then there will be a breakout. And the abi
  8. If you are a fan of the jet go for it. It's only $25. Are you going to wait til it drops to $12.50? Bought it yesterday. Not difficult to fly, but hard to shoot bandits. The artwork is exceptional. The models are gorgeous and the pilots look real.
  9. I believe this is Retreating Blade Stall. There are only 2 types of stall, right? Vortex Ring State and RBS. I never get VRS because I never descend more than 2m/s. Wiki says the KA50 can get RBS because its engines are powerful enough to create sufficient vortices. And RBS can be caused by sudden changes in airpeed and direction. Sometimes when targets get too close I fly away at high speed. Then I do a sharp 180 turn and reacquire targets while simultaneously bleeding lots of airspeed. When I try to hover both manual and auto the aircraft spins like a top counter-clockwise. No
  10. The FC3 F15 is a dominant fighter and a joy to fly. Of course I want a FF version. Was not aware of that campaign, thanks for mentioning it. I have not flown AG in the Eagle also. I suppose it is a little like the A10A and F4E without missiles. We have Warbirds, Korea jets, post 9/11 jets. Eventually, they are going to cover the Cold War. As the backbone of the USAF for 20 years, the F15C has to be included. I also want something assymetrical to oppose it, Flogger, Foxbat, Fulcrum-A. But I prefer Belsimtek to make red jets, I'm not sure 3rd parties can pull them off.
  11. Let's talk gunships. The game is not broken. It's not borked. Last night I flew a mission. After 5 minutes, an Apache shot me down. I flew another sortie and changed tactics. A huge melee was taking place between 6 Apaches and 3 Hinds, red and blue armor, and 2 red mobile SAMs. Using terrain as cover, I engaged the closest Apache at 2.7nm. My first missile missed but the second scored. https://youtu.be/9c57Mw_hcQ4 I lost all SA engaging the Apache, so I quickly egressed to safety. After taking a deep breath I realized 4 Apaches had been killed and 2 were RTB with damage.
  12. The automatic lateral slewing Volk is referring to helps the gunner acquire moving vehicles but yes it moves sometimes when you don't want it to. The vertical movement you are referring to is a representation of the real system I believe and not a DCS bug. Sometimes you will get a bad lase. And sometimes the reticle will move closer/lower to the new range. And sometimes, like you say, the sytem will accidentally lase a very close object and lock on to it. Even more weird, the system will sometimes lose stabilization and the shkval will completely drop down to range zero and you will get a
  13. C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Bazar\Liveries There is a KA52 folder next to KA50. Why is it there? Are they going to give us an AI Alligator? Or will they let us fly it? The Apache will probably come first. So yes, a KA52 will be a long way off.
  14. Watched this video Saturday afternoon. Much appreciated. Your flying skills are absurdly high. Very professional. Do you fly the Liberation Campaign Engine? Can you record a combat mission from start to finish?
  15. If you are flying Create Fast Mission Nalchik is neutral and the warehouse contains no stores. Therefore you can't rearm refuel. If you are too far away when you ask permission to land they will ignore you. Try to get closer. To make sure the radio works ask Nalchik for a navigation vector. I just bought Ka50. This is an incredible module.
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