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  1. I got my mirage yesterday and downloaded chucks guide but its outdate, Is the user manaual up to date? if not where can i learn the plane without read/watching out of date methods.
  2. Where has deka iron works been hiding? not heard much form them in a while ? hopefully they are all well and healthly
  3. +1 Mig does need some attention its a great fun to fly
  4. Would love to see later versions of the mig more mig 21 is a great thing
  5. I brought a new one it works perfectly.
  6. Thanks all for the replys i purchased The enemy within and downloaded operation piecing fury
  7. Is it possible to get the MFD at the bottom corners on my mointor? (same screen i am playing on) to save me looking down and zooming in always.
  8. Its anyoing these moduels are the oldest they should be finished and complete.
  9. I think ED see flaming cliffs at the bottom of the list of things to do, which is a shame as i really like some of the planes.
  10. Thanks i added that to my basket how hard is the campaign for someone new to the plane?
  11. Thank you for the reply i just purchased the A-10C II, the A-10C came with it aswell so time to buy some campaigns
  12. I can confirm that you get the A-10C if you purchased the A-10c II I just ordered it on steam
  13. Any idea if the A-10C comes with the A-10C II Tank killer?
  14. Thinking of buying the A-10C II wondering if it comes with a Campaign and are thier any other ones you recomend? Also any 2 palyer Campaigns?
  15. I went to purchase the upgrade as it has been removed form steam? what gives ED? Notice: At the request of the publisher, DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer Upgrade is no longer available for sale on Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1431030/DCS_A10C_II_Tank_Killer_Upgrade/
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