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  1. Without DCS' style of force trim you need all the way on the cyclic with the Huey. Don't restrict maximum throw (saturation) on cyclic axes! At least on fast forward flight you have to push the stick almost all the way to the front – what you can't do with a saturation of 80% on the pitch axis.
  2. Hello Forum, am I the only one who has this annoying behaviour? When flying the supplied Heli Ops mission and choosing the Huey task with sling loading supplies to the front line post I crash the cargo regularly. On approach to drop zone you get red smoke and the crew chief starts to make his call outs. Then I crash the cargo box to the floor and the crew chief's call outs continue forever. Even when miles away from drop zone you can hear e.g. "20 to front, 20 to right, 30 to ground". Many user complained about the fragile cargo that break easily but I do not find any r
  3. No, I really mean "attitude". Since this button has no description in the manual I can only infer from observed behaviour during my tests. Bind the button to a key and try yourself! If I push it, it seems that the Gazelle is pinned in its current attitude.
  4. Are you serious? I mentioned the button: Autopilot Master on pilot's cyclic. On default it's not bound to a key and never explained in the manual. If you push the button it seems to hold the current attitude, e.g. the nose does not pitch up slowly in forward flight. Even manual hover seems easier then. But the other autopilot modes can't kick in if requested. You have to push the button again to "restore" auto hover or speed-/alt-holding capabilities. Even on this forum I only found one posting where an user is curious as well about this function. So it seems widely unknown and unu
  5. Our SAS has a yaw channel with a dedicated switch. But if it's working as intended? From my RC perspective I expect a complete yaw compensation when torque changes. But you need half rudder right on "our" Gazelle on take off – just like the Huey. On hover it's twitchy – nothing what I expect from a stabilisation system, too. If you turn off SAS the Gazelle flies the same and does not degrade to an UH-1. Whereas the Mi-8 has clear changes in behaviour if its stabilisation system is turned off. It seems that real life pilots can't imagine, that there are systems out there, which are
  6. What's wrong with some kind of RC helicopters? Modern planes fly the same way. And maybe modern helicopters with flight augmentation systems do as well. Obviously you know little about the module you criticise. You don't need fly-by-wire to get autopilot modes like auto hover, altitude or speed hold – all three are provided by the Gazelle. Unfortunately I can't find any description about the autopilot master button on pilot's grip in the manual but from my testing it's working in a way of attitude holding. Set the Gazelle to a specific attitude in the air, push the button and the gyros are ho
  7. LOL, you don't know electronically stabilised RC helicopters (FBL – FlyBarLess)! They are working exactly this way – you're commanding roll rates. It's up to the flight computer to set the rotor disk in a way to achieve the requested roll. They're not working in the way of the Huey! Since the Gazelle has a stabilising flight computer only pilots of the real thing can tell what's the correct behaviour. It could act the one or the other way!
  8. I updated to 2.5.6 and login works again. But FPS are significantly worse than 2.5.5. I have to lower settings to get the same semi smooth game play than before. Not everybody out there owns a $2000-RTX 3090. There are reasons your customers want to stay at an older version!
  9. I even don't understand why there's a need to shut off older versions? Of course you get no support but deactivating authorization to render it useless on customer's side? That's ridicules and in my opinion a violation of customer rights – at least in the EU. This is not an online service! On my side there would be no problem in upgrading if code quality is given. But my main module is the Huey and according to the forum, version 2.5.6 introduces more problems and faults with every update then it solves. As an owner of older modules I lost all confidence in newer DCS.
  10. As I already wrote: Latest 2.5.5, Subversion 41371.1. I opened a support ticket and they told me: I can't remember, when and where I read about old versions going out of activation so I asked the forum. Maybe one of the members has more insight. One month ago, 2.5.5 activated flawlessly and allowed me to test modules during free trial, but now, it refuses to work without further notification? Am I the only one who is still on 2.5.5?
  11. Hello, I'm running the latest 2.5.5. Last start was 2021-02-05, everything was working then. Now at start, every login attempt fails with "Invalid login or password", I have no authorization and all paid modules are disabled. But login to my user profile at ED's site works as usual and I can see all my modules. Integrity check and repair show no problems with my installation. I don't want to update to latest 2.5.6@stable because I'm inside the Huey campaign and I'm afraid that the latest changes to weapons effectivity may harm the old mission design. Especially the effect of t
  12. There is no indication that different weapons can be used at the same time. According to the description in the manual the flexible sight trigger does the same as the trigger on the co's cyclic stick. Since there is only one trigger on each cyclic stick the armament selector must be working for both sides. You have to coordinate weapons usage and someone has to flip the switch each time weapons change.
  13. That's the way the Huey systems work. Only one weapon can be active at a time – for both sides. To prevent your Co from taking over control when ROE is set to Free Fire you have to disable flexible sight mode with the M-key. Or you set set Co's ROE to Hold, set flexible sight to Automatic, change from pilot position to co pilot via 2-key and do the shooting yourself while auto pilot driving around according to auto pilot mode.
  14. Sorry, but you simply shift the problem from outside of DCS into it. If you have RUDDER LEFT and RUDDER RIGHT, what value win to set the single rudder on your plane if both half-axis are loaded? Best solution can be to calculate the mean of -LEFT and +RIGHT which allows a smooth handover from one pedal to the other. You'll get a centered rudder if both pedals are fully pressed. This calculation could be done outside of DCS with a suitable driver so a single RUDDER channel is still suitable. But I suspect most software coming with the input devices won't cover this case so the split inside
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